Different Types Of Water Aerobics Exercises – Benefits Of Water Aerobics Exercises

water aerobics exercises

Today many people are facing the problem of obesity but even don’t want to spend so many hours in the gym and don’t want to break the sweat. Then for that kind of persons, doing water aerobics exercises are the best option. This will not help to lose weight but also be a fun.

Working Rule

This workout in water helps to burn so many calories. Even it includes some trimming
moves which are completely meant for the fitness of a person. You will be surprised to know that when you vigorously tread in water, you burn about 11 calories. Also, the continuous resistance of water force to engage more muscle fiber by large motion. You must do a thing that repeats the steps as much you can in just 30 seconds.

So many people choose the path of aerobics to tone their body but if this is done in water then provides cardiac benefits and tones the body but on the other hand, some people feel pain and stress joints, bones, and muscles by doing aerobics on the land. Water is naturally resistant and so doing a workout in water becomes less painful and puts less impact. Even pregnant ladies, a patient of arthritis and having back issues can also do the same.

Types of Water Aerobics Exercises

Water Walking

In the warm-up session, you must try simple water walking for some time. Start with slow strides and then move backward and forth, it will look as you are swinging the arms. Now, keep the muscles of abdomen tight and by keeping back straight and simply walk over the floor of the pool. End the warm-up session of water walk in a minute or in 2 minutes.

K treads

This particular type of water aerobics benefits many parts of the body. It provides help to your legs, abs, arms, chest, buttocks, and hamstrings. Go deep in water and start a tread and try to make circular motions and keep hands in cupped position. Raise the left leg and keep it to the level of hip and extend the right leg on the other hand. Hold the posture for next 5 seconds but keep making circles with the hands. Come in the original position and relax for 1 minute. Again try the posture for 5 seconds.

Punch and Kick

Those who know karate can easily try the exercise. You must try the punches of karate in water. Your arms should be in the water. Now, raise the left knee and kick the foot up and punch in forward position using the left hand. Keep the muscles of abdomen tight and alternately swift legs as well as arms. Keep punching and kicking in the water. The water here is used as the extra strength training and it also provides natural resistance.

Wave Makers

It helps to strengthen the legs, buttocks, and abs. Step in up to the chest deep level of water. Hold the wall of the pool with your left hand. Keep right palm against the wall of the pool and your fingers should be in stable condition. Spread the legs and keep them at water level. Keep knees as well as feet together. Kick legs in down and up position. Continue for next 30 seconds. In case feeling any pressure slow down or even stop doing the same.