Why Men Are Not Smarter than Women

Why Men Are Not Smarter than Women

1. Many men sincerely consider themselves smarter than women simply because of their difference, and also smarter than other people for all other differences. It would seem that that would be enough; this is already quite a strong sign of a weak mind. However, let us be smarter and see what the mistakes of men are. Well, first of all, such machos choose male-oriented fields that are of little interest to women and in which they don’t seek to manifest themselves: politics, economics, war, technology, etc., as a way of proof of their superiority of mind over female or common fields of work, like everything related to the birth and upbringing of children, accounting, housekeeping, psychology of relationships, etc. Sometimes there are more “difficult” cases, when a man thinks that he is basically great at everything and knows everything, even if his knowledge in any given area is on the most basic of levels. Yet, even considering his lack of knowledge, he still claims to be the wisest one in it. And with the latter, women often simply do not argue so as not to provoke aggression. Men are rarely realistic about their abilities.

2. Men love cars very much and buy them, as a rule, for transportation of four and more people, but they mostly drive them alone, spending lots of money on fuel, oil, spare parts, etc. Sometimes, however, they drive their women and children to their places of destination. But still, if we are to compare the number of times that a regular man uses his big car for his selfish needs and the number of times he uses it for his family in any given period of time – a car turns out to be quite a selfish purchase.

3. It is men who like to buy all kinds of sophisticated devices and gadgets, such as computers, laptops, and iPhones, then not use them to their full potential, and then throw them away and buy new ones because a new version has been released. Tell me, is it possible to call a person smart if he, for example, throws out a working device with thirty apps of which he used only five or six in exchange for a new one on which there are already fifty applications installed? What is the chance that such a person would use even half of them?

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4. Family and marriage. A woman wants to get married and have a baby. To give birth is an instinct and a part of her nature. To get married means to raise their offspring, the best kind of legalized support when lots of people support her and her child, her family, her husband, and even the state. For a man, children and family are less important simply because of their nature and the lack of purpose they see in marriage. But, nevertheless, a large number of men still voluntarily agree to the bond of marriage which they themselves call “bonds” and claim that they are no longer free. They tell others that they were manipulated by the society around them; they were led to believe that it was the right thing to do. And since we are a part of nature, it is nature that tells us to be loners. Most of the male mammals, like cats, bears, rodents, foxes, crocodiles, rhinos, hedgehogs, badgers, etc., are all loners and do not live with their families. It is this lack of will that leads them into marriage bonds which they don’t enjoy in the slightest.

5. Last but certainly not least are all of the characteristic macho traits. High self-esteem instead of rational modesty, self-confidence instead of healthy, rational doubts, and self-criticism, and the desire to compete instead of cooperating… All of these traits are inherent in men. Aren’t they all just signs of one big problem? A woman knows how to be happy with scraps, yet a man must always be successful. A woman cares about her health, while a man neglects it. In the relationship of a man and a woman, it is often she who manipulates him, and it is only occasionally different. And despite all this, men still insist on being smarter, and they think that it is appropriate to look down on them and not just because they are taller? Well, well … stubbornness is yet another character trait that doesn’t speak kindly of men and their intelligence.