Is Kiara Advani the next big thing in Bollywood Industry?


Her most recent role as the leading lady in the film SherShah, in which she co-starred with actor Sidharth Malhotra, has garnered a lot of praise from her fans and industry insiders. ‘Could she become the next big star of Bollywood industry?’ is the question on everyone’s mind after seeing her tremendous acting in the film.

With so many actors coming and going from the film industry, standing out as an exceptional individual takes a lot of talent and hard work. Kiara Advani is one of those actors who has built a positive reputation for herself right from the start.

Kiara has it all, from her beautiful face to her cute and charming smile and from her innocent demeanour to her classy acting chops. It’s no surprise that she has a bright future to follow in Bollywood! She debuted in the year 2014, and her various brand endorsements, as well as her other projects outside of mainstream films, have established her as a serious contender for the throne of Bollywood.

The variety of roles she has been able to portray to date, as well as how she has been playing and wisely choosing her parts, is one of the main reasons for her significant success. Kiara Advani has taken on exciting and diverse roles that wow the audience every time, from her debut in Fugly to her breakout performance in M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story.

After Lust Stories, Kiara was seen making headlines. The Netflix drama catapulted her into a new league, and Kabir Singh now appears to be Bollywood’s next big thing, based on the response she’s received throughout her career.

Kiara used to be unknown; she was just another face in the industry, but in the last few years, she has put herself out there and made her presence known quite clearly. Even though her performance in Kabir Singh was not as badass as Shahid’s, it was the polar opposite.

Another factor is her style. Her distinct yet straightforward acting style, combined with her glamour quotient, has propelled her further to the front of the pack. In terms of hit movies, incredible performances, unique red carpet looks, and a fan base growing by the day, we believe the actress is almost there. She’ll be one of the brighter stars to look out shortly for sure.