As the rest of the world start to realize how beneficial marijuana truly is, we are starting to see more and more curious eyes fall on its other surprising benefits. These are the ones you would never think of as something the plant and its compounds are capable of delivering to the body. But this fact should not come as a surprise. With the amount of attention, marijuana is receiving from both the public and the media, and the recent deregulation of the drug around the world, investment in marijuana research has never been as high. Research and clinical trials are abundant and turning our results almost on a weekly basis.

Weed oil or some would call is CBD oil, is one particular avenue that many people are interested in. What’s great about this is it offers more benefits than psychoactive effects, something not many people are keen on experiencing. As you know, weed has two very well-known active compounds, CBD and THC. THC has many effects but primarily it causes the feeling of being high. CBD, on the other hand, offers most of the health benefits marijuana is known for like pain relief, anti-inflammation, and anti-anxiety.

So let’s explore a little more what other surprising benefits weed oil has to offer.

  1. Scalp and hair

More and more people are realizing how great weed oil is for the overall health of hair and scalp. A number of dispensaries like online dispensary ontario have begun marketing weed oil as great scalp nourishment. The oil primary works its magic through the endocannabinoid system in the body, a network of receptors that’s responsible for a number of bodily processes including the stimulation of healthy cell growth. When applied directly on the scalp, it can help produce healthy hair cells and invigorate the scalp.

  1. Acne cure

Suffering from acne breakouts? Maybe weed oil is the cure you are looking for. Because of its anti-inflammatory property, the oil is great for preventing the red, pus-filled pustules acne is known for. Not only that, it can help soothe the pain one feels during breakouts. And in some cases, it can even decrease acne from appearing again by reducing the production of oil that causes the blockage in the pores resulting in inflammation.

  1. Addresses wrinkles

There are a lot of men and women out there who are very much concerned about the health of their skin. One sign that people are particularly worried about, is wrinkles. It is part of aging, naturally, but there are ways to delay their appearance. One such solution is weed oil. With its anti-oxidant property, it’s able to mitigate cell damage and promote the growth of healthy skin cells which helps reduce wrinkles.

  1. Help with sleep

This one might not be too surprising but weed oil can really improve the quality of sleep one gets in a day. Ask any weed consumer and they will always say that one benefit from consuming weed is the amazing sleep they get after. Weed oil, though unable to produce the effects of being high, can also offer the same effects. Sleep comes naturally to those who take the oil and in better quality.

  1. Improve brain health

Yes, weed does help to improve the health of the brain. Many people suffering epilepsy and multiple sclerosis have gained relief from signs and symptoms of the disease. Weed oil is great at preventing the degeneration of the neurons in the brain which helps to prevent cognitive decline.

  1. Reduces glaucoma

There are a lot of people suffering from this debilitating condition. It happens when the eye pressure is increased so much so that it starts to damage the retina. Research on weed oil is strongly linked to the reduction of intraocular pressure that leads to macular degeneration. This is one reason that many people who are prone to glaucoma are using weed oil to prevent its occurrence.

  1. Reduce anxiety

We have all suffered from a form of anxiety at one point in our life. But to some, their level of anxiety could be so great they couldn’t go through their day. Weed has been known to be great at relaxing people who are anxious but for those who refuse to smoke it or don’t want to get high but want the anti-anxiety effect it brings, they have the option of using oil.