Suggestions when Choosing Shoes for Babies

shoes for babies

When buying shoes for children, it is best to take them directly to the try. Depending on your child’s age and hot or cold weather, you can choose canvas shoes, sandals or boots.

1. Only when your baby really knows how to walk, you give them shoes and sandals. Studies show that children’s feet are healthy and develop well when they are practiced with barefoot. You can keep your baby’s legs warm with soft socks.

2. When buying the first shoes for your baby, you should take them directly to try on shoes. Choose brand name shoes that are sold in reputable stores with experienced sellers and be patient enough to help your child try shoes to choose a pair of shoes.

3. Let the salesclerks measure the length and width of both baby feet. Many babies have larger feet than usual and need to buy special sizes.

4. Do not buy shoes that are too big, because they can make your baby slip easily. Your baby’s first shoes should be soft and comfortable to encourage them to enjoy shoes.

5. Measure your baby’s feet regularly at a children’s shoe store. Children grow fast, shoe sizes can change every month. Good salesclerks can identify the inappropriate points of shoes with baby feet as well as know how to lure your baby to try shoes.

6. You can go to discount stores to buy shoes for your baby. If you know your baby’s shoe size, you can save by buying a few pairs at these stores.

7. You should buy a pair of shoes about 1 cm longer than the baby’s feet. Most people wear bigger shoes than their feet so that their toes won’t hurt. See how your baby feels when walking with shoes and make sure that the heel doesn’t slip out. If the heel is slightly wide, but all the rest of the shoe is small, you can attach a heel pad.

8. Buy a pair of sports shoes that your child can go on daily. This should be a genuine, quality shoe. Leather shoes are better than plastic shoes. Carefully sewn shoes are better than glue with body parts.

9. You can buy zippered shoes or tie straps and let your baby go and practice laces.

10. During the summer months, the weather is warm, you should buy cheap canvas shoes so your baby can go to the beach, wade and play in the sand. Velcro is also an ideal choice for baby’s feet during the hot season.

11. In the rainy and winter seasons, you should buy large shoes or boots, so that your baby can wear socks.