9 Psychological Signs That She Likes You


Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever looked at the persona and felt your world turn around? In those moments all you want to know is that if your love will every reciprocated. All you want to know is if you will matter to the girl. It takes great strength to gather yourself up in these intimidating situations. You would have to be courageous enough to go and confess your feelings to her. In these daunting situations you want to put your best foot forward and not make fool of yourself.

Here are 9 Psychological Signs That She Likes You back:

1. You make her blush50-Really-Cute-Things-to-Say-to-Your-GirlfriendAround you, you would always find her red. Everything you do; everything you say makes her blush effortlessly.

2. Voice high pitchedHow-to-Be-Just-Friends-When-He-Wants-MoreIt has been noted that if a girl is interested in you her voice become high pitched than normal. If you listen closely this is a clue you cannot miss.

3. Plays with her hairplaying-with-hair1(1)A women body language is her unspoken language. If you find her hand fiddling inside hr hair when you are in a conversation with her, her body is giving you a signal that she is interested in you.

4. laughs a lotthemanguideIf you find her giggling at everything you say; if you find her easily amused she is making efforts to effortlessly let you know that she is interested in you. (Yes! we are including yur lame jokes as well).

5. She Wants To Know ‘Your’ Type Of GirlsRomantic-Love-Couple-HD-Wallpaper-Download-1-1If she shows any interest in what kind of a person would you like to date(your dream girl) then she is definitely making a list in her mind and checking off the criteria which fits to her personality. If she inquires about your type of girl then this a sign that she is definitely into you.

6. She is very much interested in your personal life Couple-in-love-drinking-coffee-in-coffee-shopWhen you are engaged in a conversation with her she would talk less about herself and would show genuine interest in your life. She would like to know about your past, your aspirations an dreams. If a females shows such interest then she is definitely into you.

7. Eye contacthd-ask-lafta-122831TL
If your lady is glazing in your eye in the wist of the conversation she is definately interested in you. Not only is she interested in the on going discussion she is definately interested in you.

8. Comfortable and open with you

Embracing young couple rear view

When a women starts to confide in a person it shows her uttermost faith in that person. If you are able to make her speak her mind, get to know her true self then you are definitely in her inner circle.

9. Pupils dilatewp2442667In the stretch of spell; while you are having deep interesting conversation with your girl make sure to notice not only the points given above but also her pupils. It has been said that highly diluted pupil is a sign of love. If you see those in her eyes you definitely lucked out
Its either that or she wants to murder you. (snide smile)

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