Emraan Hashmi: CBFC Omitted The Word ‘BITCH’ but not ‘F**k’ in Raaz Reboot


lo-maan-liya-video-song-raaz-reboot-f1Since the Central Bureau of Film Certification fired 100s of cuts in udta punjab, there is always a buzz how many cuts will be done by Central Bureau of Film Certification in this movie-or-that movie.
Raaz Reboot is an upcoming movie starring Emraan Hashmi and Kriti Kharbanda in the lead roles. The film is the fourth instalment of Raaz                                                                      film series.
Promotion of the film has been started. In a media interaction, when reporter asked Mr. Hashmi that is he happy that his film Raaz Reboot cleared with an ‘A’ certificate with no cuts? Emraan Hashmi reveled about the cuts asked by CBFC in the film.maxresdefault“Actually the information given out was wrong. Everything was not cleared by the CBFC, there were few omissions, which I don’t know why, never came out. The film got an ‘A’ certificate not because of erotica — which happens with most of my films — but it’s got more to do with the visual impact of the horror scenes and probably it’s not suitable for audience under 18. I’m happy with an ‘A’ certificate but what is upsetting is that certain cuss words were deleted, then the word ‘b***h’ was omitted. I fail to understand why they’re fine with retaing a few mentions of the word f**k in the film, but not b***h. I can’t figure out any logic to it. And why chop cuss words when the film has an ‘A’ certificate?” Hashmi wonders.
Mahesh Bhatt, the producer of the film added that, “It all depends upon the mood of the CBFC members and their interpretation of guidelines. They know that the producer is vulnerable. He has his back against the wall and there is a clock ticking, with promotions heading to an all time high. The CBFC is in the Dark Ages, there is the demon of regression which somebody must vanquish, and only then we can have a freer and better cinema.”

Raaz Reboot is scheduled to release of 16th of September.