7 Ways to Use Statement Mirrors in Your Home

7 Ways to Use Statement Mirrors in Your Home

Occasionally in the world of interior design, an accessory shows up that’s so incredible, everyone needs it. Statement mirrors are the most recent must-have addition trending today.

Although mirrors aren’t anything new, the way they’re designed and set up is what makes the impact.

Mirrors are an all-in-one decoration that adds texture and light to any room. You can find them in any style, from fun to elegant, as well as a variety of sizes. Even better, they’re available on any budget.

To use a mirror as more than decor, first, decide where you want yours to go. Then, use these tips to cover the space and make your statement!

1. Decorate a Flat Surface

Flat surfaces, like sideboards and consoles, pushed against the wall can look empty. If you hang a large mirror so that it’s flush with the edge of the furniture piece, it fills the space.

Then, decorate the blank surface area with any elements that match the mirror, or use a mirror that complements your current decor. For a simple look, add a vase with your favorite flowers or prop up some framed pictures.

2. Make a Statement With a Full-Length Mirror

How many times have you tried to stand at just the right angle to make sure your outfit was on point? A full-length mirror solves the problem, but hanging a simple one on the door or wall is … well… boring.

Clear out a corner of your bedroom and make space for a stylish vertical mirror. Bring in one that matches the room’s decor and shows your reflection from head to toe.

Not only does this give you a view of the angles you couldn’t see before, but it makes the room look bigger, too.

3. Floor-to-Ceiling (or Almost) Mirrors

Want to cover up an empty wall or make a small room appear larger? Buy a gorgeous mirror that’s made for that purpose.

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors usually don’t cover the entire height of the wall. But you can hang them strategically so they look like they do.

To make this look in your home, find a mirror that matches the room’s style. Measure a few inches off the ground, as you prefer, and hang the piece so that it ends at your desired stopping point. Or, let it touch the floor, and adhere it to the wall so it doesn’t fall.

4. Go Bold and Unusual

Geometric patterns aren’t just in wallpaper and upholstery. You can find mirrors designed in abstract and unusual shapes, like this puddle mirror, that are sure to attract attention.

Look for a mirror that draws your eye and fills the space you’re trying to decorate. After you hang your new statement piece, spice it up even more with other unique accessories to complement it.

You’ll show off your decorating fashion style and quirky personality at a glance!

5. Keep it Simple and Elegant

It’s possible to make a statement while staying classy and simple, too. To pull this style off, choose a circle or rectangle mirror without a lot of adornments. The plain design is what makes the impact you’re looking to create.

Decorate the area around the mirror with minimalistic accessories. A simple vase, a framed photograph, and a potted plant are the perfect enhancements.

6. Relax With the Rustic Look

Country and natural decor are always classic ways to style a home. If you prefer warm and earthy over cool and modern, let your mirror make this statement for you.

Look for a rectangular piece with a wooden frame to hang over the couch or another empty area. Above the fireplace works well, too.

Accessorize the area around the mirror with peaceful, rustic decor and a warm, comfortable area rug on the floor beneath it. Finish the look off with a large, potted houseplant, and then relax and enjoy the benefits of your hard work!

7. Glam It Up

So calm and cozy isn’t really your thing, and your style is more of the fabulous and fancy type. There’s a mirror for that!

Find an ornate circular or rectangular mirror that fills up most of the wall. Hang it wherever you want to put it, and get ready to glam it up.

Get some LED strips or large vanity bulbs and stick them around the edges of the mirror. Bring in some vintage furniture pieces and decorations to accent the room. Add a luxurious shag area rug on the floor below the mirror, and top the look off with a tall floor lamp.

Not everyone can pull off this kind of statement mirror style. If you can rock it, you owe it to the world to show off your glam.


No matter what kind of style you prefer, there’s a mirror that fits your goal and your budget. When you decide what kind of look you want to make, use these tips to make it happen!