How to Overcome Your Biggest Freelance Fears

How to Overcome Your Biggest Freelance Fears

No matter the career, everyone has fears. As a freelancer, there are likely many fears that may come to mind, such as:

  • Will I make enough money, freelancing?
  • Am I experienced enough?
  • What will I do when conflicts arise?
  • Do I have enough skills to make a living out of this niche?

Having fears are natural, but you can’t succumb to them. You have it within you to be confident in your abilities (which we cover first)! There’s a solution to every problem, and all you can do is your best to succeed.

Here are five ways to overcome your fears and rule the world as a freelancer!

1. Be Confident in Your Skill Set

It’s scary applying for your work, especially if you’re up against a lot of competition. But if you’ve worked hard to master specific skills, you should be confident in your abilities!

There are always ways to improve your skills. If you feel there are still some aspects in your field you’d like to understand, make time to learn more. There are all sorts of books, online classes, and blogs where you can gain more knowledge.


2. Gain More Experience

So you don’t have a lot of experience. That doesn’t mean you can’t get some! Say you’re currently freelancing in graphic design but would like to add social media. Before diving into social media, start by getting your feet wet.

You can ask an existing client for work in social media if they need it. That way, you can figure out if it’s something you’d want to do for other clients. Or, you can volunteer for a non-profit organization by providing social media services. This is a smart way to gain experience without changing your freelance focus right away.

Now, if you’d instead like to go for it, that’s great! You should have some knowledge and experience before applying for gigs. But if you feel you’re ready and can gain experience as you go, there’s no harm in trying.

3. Remember Your Value

You may be so afraid of conflict that you forget just how valuable of a freelancer you are. It’s normal to feel scared, but you can’t let your fears rule over you.

If you like working with a client but feel you need a raise, speak up. If you don’t, you’ll feel bitter and upset with yourself for not communicating with them.

Most clients are willing to negotiate, especially if they value you and your work. To ensure you are getting enough money and are happy, don’t avoid conflict. Schedule a time to meet with your client. During your scheduled meeting, be upfront yet professional. It’s vital that both parties get their needs met.

You’re valuable and don’t forget it!

4. It’s Okay if it Takes a While to Find Your Niche

You may be new to this whole freelancing thing. If that’s the case, don’t beat yourself up if you’re having difficulty deciding on a niche.

It’s normal if you’re worried that you may not be able to find your “perfect” specialty. But sometimes, it takes trial and error before you discover what niche works well for you.

Try taking on a few smaller projects at first to see what you like the most. As your confidence and skills grow, you can apply for larger projects in areas you’re enjoying.

If the larger projects work out and you continue to excel in the niche, that’s a good sign you’re doing something you love!

5. Find Ways to Stay Motivated

Everyone fears that they may not stay motivated in their line of work. After a while, repeating the same job day in and day out can get monotonous.

Don’t be afraid that you’ll get “bored” with your clients and tasks. It may happen, but there are ways to overcome it.

Here are a few ways to stay motivated:

  • Spice things up by asking a client if you can take on a unique project.
  • Listen to empowering career podcasts.
  • Read self-help books that offer tips on how to stay motivated.
  • Take an online class that helps you learn more about your niche.


Being fearful is a common human emotion. And when it comes to your work, there’s no exception. But instead of focusing on your fears, look towards the future. There’s a big world full of freelance job opportunities, and you have what it takes to excel in all that you do!