Wedding Hairstyles You Must Try

Wedding Hairstyles You Must Try

Wedding is the day when a lady is just want to look gorgeous and so she has selected everything which is the best for her and how can she forgot to get a wonderful hairstyle for that day. Here we will discuss some of the easy but wonderful hairstyles which you can try at your wedding and even they are so simple to make as you can also try them at home even for post marital parties and dinners. So many leading fashion and trend setters even tried these hairstyles and this is the best thing about the hairstyles that they are now at your home.

Wedding Hairstyles You Must Try

Easy Yet sexy Hairstyles for your Special Day

Side Bun– There are lots of ladies who desired to make bun but due to light hair can’t do that but this bun will look wonderful even for those ladies having light hair. To give volume to your bun, you can use a curling rod and after that curl the ends of your hair around it. Tie them to a side ponytail. Very carefully, make two inch sections of your hair. Now, twist them and pin up the curls in the bun.  Let some of the strands stay tousled. Now decorate with a real flower or a beautiful hair clip, here is your less time consuming but beautiful hairstyle.

Side swept Voluminous Waves– You must wash the hair first to get the hairstyle. Now, detangle your hair using a comb. Now, you have to squeeze the ends of your hair and then leave them to dry. In case, you hair are dry then with the help of curling rod, curl the ends of your hair. Flip the hair forward and using a brush, try to give volume to the roots of your hair. You have option to use a volume creating mousse which is usually used for styling hair. With the help of pins, hold your hairs to one side and add a beautiful clip to another side.

Doubled Braided Ponytail- Make two partition of hair and separate them in half in two sections, one in upper and other in lower. Make French braid with the bottom hair from ears to nape of neck. The upper section of hair is combed and braid in regular braid. Now, join the two braids and make a ponytail with that. To make it more attractive you can use different hair accessories available in market.

Sleek Side Braid– Wash the hair. When they are dry, comb them to extreme side. Make two sections of hair and start making braid by separating hair in two sections, then you can cross the sections one over the other. Make the braid to the end of your hair. Now, add floral accessories to the end of your braid.

Pinned up Curls– If curly hair women are reading the articles, and then it is your turn to get a wonderful hairstyle for your wedding. Wash and condition your hair. After drying, detangle them. Make two random sections of your hair and twirl each section. Now, you can make side parting. You have option to pin the sections in any way you want. To finish, you can add pretty clips to it.