How to Loose Tummy before Christmas

How to Loose Tummy before Christmas

Belly fat is what with whom everybody wants to fight. As the Christmas is coming soon and so much gathering and get together will hold then you have to think quick solutions to get away from them. It is not that we will give you a magic stick and then you can remove extra fat from belly with the help of that. To get rid of fat first you have to understand what exactly is the tummy fat.

What is Belly Fat? There are so many different names given to belly fat as abdominal fat, pot belly, beer belly, organ fat, and intra-abdominal fat or just fat. But you will surprise to know that the fat found around the belly is different from the fat which is found in the body. Visceral fat stays under the peritoneal cavity and it lies between the internal organs and torso and it is different from subcutaneous fat. This fat is found under the skin. Whereas intramuscular fat found in skeletal muscle. When there is excess of viscera fat in body then the person is called obese.

Causes of Belly Fat- Too much calorie consumption gives way to obesity. Sometimes hormonal changes can also be responsible for belly fat. We live in sedentary lifestyle and stay away from exercises; in this case, it is very obvious to have belly fat.

Misconception- Usually people think that those who are obese have belly fat only but the truth is different as anybody can have pot belly. Even if the person have belly fat then he may also have some other health issues as all this happens due to inflammatory properties of visceral fat and this tightens body regulating hormone in abdomen.

How to Measure- To measure your belly fay there is no need to use weighing scale as you can use waist to hip ratio. Divide the measure of waist at the narrowest point by hip measurement at the widest point. Those who are between 0.95-0.80 are at low risk, 0.96-1.00.81- 0.85 is at moderate risk and 1.0+0.85+ is at highest risk of having heart diseases and ailments due to obesity.

Why Belly Fat is worse than other Fats in Body? Fat which stays in the whole body as known as subcutaneous fat helps to travel oxygen. In case you fall or experience impact then it acts like a cushioning effect. It is an energy house but if there is excess of the fat then can result in flabby arms or thighs and fat can be burnt by doing exercises. On the other hand, presence of visceral fat results in increased waist line it tightens the internal organs and choking. In some cases, this can also result in cancer and cardiac problems. Differently from subcutaneous fat, this can be reduced by making changes in diet quickly than exercises.

Prevention of Visceral Fat- Most of the people used to opt dangerous ways to lose weight quickly. So, lose your weight in healthy way. Stress is the culprit which gives way to fat. So, stay away from stress by doing yoga and meditation. You can also do breathing exercises.