Deliciously Famous Bacardi Drinks

Deliciously Famous Bacardi Drinks

Every regular drinker must be aware of Bacardi. A company 150 years ago started the legacy of refining rum and this result is unique product named white rum comes. It is also known as the legend of alcohol industry and it is the largest company of spirit throughout the world. A unique technique of purifying rum was used by Father Facundo Bacardi’ Masso’. Even their techniques were used now for getting flavored rum. Here given are some of the drinks which you can prepare at home and dazzle the party.

Delicious Bacardi Drinks

Lipstick Cocktail Р1oz.+ 1/3rd oz. of cream, 2/3rd oz. of Bacardi white rum, 1oz.+ 1/3rd oz. of grenadine syrup, 2/3rd oz. of cr̬me de bananas, a lemon slice for garnishing and 1 maraschino cherry for garnishing.

Tools Needed– Knife, Jigger, Boston shaker, bar strainer, hurricane glass and ice spade.

Method– Take a hurricane glass and fill it with crushed ice and keep it aside as we will need this later. Now, fetch a Boston shaker and separate the two parts. Put some ice in the tin or in the plastic part of Boston shaker and then add 2/3rd oz. of Bacardi in it. After that add cream, grenadine syrup and crème de bananas.  When you have added all the things then put the other part of the shaker and shakes it well by holding that in your hands to mix the drink well. After that remove the lid and fetch the frozen Hurricane glass which was left aside before.

Now, place the bar strainer, over the shaker which has drink and strain the drink in that glass. Then you can garnish the glass with lemon slice along with maraschino cherry.

Bacardi Symphony Cocktail- 1 oz. of medium Vermouth, 1 oz. of Bacardi light rum, 1 oz. of Grand Marnier orange liqueur, ½ oz. of Martini Bitter, 1 teaspoon of Galliano, a red maraschino cherry for garnish, and an orange peel for garnish.

Bar tools needed- Jigger, cocktail glass, mixing glass, bar spoon, bar strainer, knife, jigger and ice spade or ice tong.

Method– Take a cocktail glass and fill it with ice cubes as this will help to keep the drink cool. Now, add some cubes in mixing glass and pour light rum martini bitter, medium Vermouth, grand Marnier orange Liqueur and Galliano to that. You can measure the amount of all with the help of jigger. Stir the mixture well with a long bar spoon. Now, shift the drink to the cocktail glass. Add some more ice cubes to the glass. Now, garnish with whole maraschino cherry and orange peel. So, you are ready to serve your tasty drink.

Dr. Bacardi– 2 oz. of Bacardi white rum and 8 oz. of Dr. Pepper.

Bar Tools Needed– Jigger, Highball glass, long straw, ice tong or ice spade.

Method- Pick some of the ice cubes with the help of ice spade and put in the highball glass. Measure 2 oz. of Bacardi white rum with the help of jigger. Pour that measured rum in the glass. After that pour 8 oz. of Dr. Pepper also in in the glass. Stir well with the long straw and serve immediately.