Using Something So Small Can Have Dramatic Effects on Your Health


There are many mixed opinions about the use of electronic cigarettes out there. Probably, you might have read a blog post detailing the plethora benefits of vaping but on the same day you come across news report revealing how vaping can be such a hazardous habit.

But the truth is: To make successful transition from smoking cigarettes you will have to consider vaping. Do not be swayed away from the truth. The use of e-cigarettes -which most people find easy to carry around because they’re small and affordable, have helped many leave the habit of smoking regular cigarettes which pose a lot of health risks to the smokers. And if you are still wondering if vaping is the best way out, here are the benefits that you leverage when you begin using e-cigarettes.

Control Over intake of nicotine

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Nicotine is addictive. It makes a person who tries to smoke cigarettes get addicted to them. But e-cigarettes give you full control over the amount of nicotine you take. See, the nicotine dosage in e-juice comes in various levels. These levels are nicotine-free, low-strength, medium strength and high-strength.

So, if you decide to utilize nicotine, which is optional in this case, in your vape, it is up to you to choose the much you need. Most vapers who are quitting smoking tend to begin with high-strength nicotine level as they transit to the lowest levels and eventually kick it out.

No unpleasant odors

Cigarette smokers are recognized by the nasty smell that their clothes bear or their surroundings. Vapers on the other hand do not experience such nasty odors. You will only experience nice aromas that emanate from the various flavors of the e-juice. And in most cases, the smell of the vapor is hardly noticeable. However, for those that vape tobacco flavors, no nasty smell that can come from it like the tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping is safer than smoking

Smoking cigarettes is a dangerous habit. It can lead to many health complications. But vaping has been proven to be safer at least 95 %. See, in vaping there is no burning of tobacco leaves, any tar or even residues such as ash. So, a smoker can switch to vaping and experience a smoke-free habit and also benefit those around them since they will not inhale harmful by-products or smoke.

With that, you get to enjoy good skin health, better oral health, good blood circulation, god respiratory system, lung capacity, enhanced sense of taste and smell, and lastly it allows you to socialize with friends and family members without fear of smelly clothes.

Bottom Line

You have seen that smoking is not a good habit since it can pose health risks the person involved and even those around them. While vaping you can personally regulate the amount of nicotine you take. That is a sure plus if your aim to quit smoking. Also, vaping leaves the user odorless thus free to socialize with co-workers, friends and family. Lastly, it is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.