Increase Your Website Traffic Through Quality Content

Quality Content

The solution to raise the traffic of your blogs and sites is something that your webpage already has in the form of old content provided that the content is of high-quality. If you have a website or a blog that you started a long time ago, and if you’ve kept it updated and active then most likely you will have a significant number of posts resting in the archives that are only waiting to get back a life. Assume refreshing all these old posts and your webpage getting just a few daily visitors and the substantial growth it will result in.

In this article, you will learn about some tricks which you can use to get more people to visit your website or blog. If you wish to get more organic traffic to your blog, then keep reading.

Insert Keywords

Let’s start with the basic. Keywords have immense potential when it comes to SEO. A keyword is a particular query about the content that people may type on search engines to find it. Any content should contain the keywords multiple times to increase the likelihood of them being found in Google SERPS and to boost up the traffic of your webpage.

For instance, if you create a post named as “ways to increase traffic on your page,” then your phrase or the keyword might be “increase traffic on your page,”. This particular phrase is the one which the user might search on Google. If you think that only traffic will work, then this word is not a good keyword because it is not specified and you will have to compete with thousands of other contents targeting the same keyword. If you are targeting “increase traffic on your page,” as your main keyword then you must insert this phrase to your content several times. However, keyword density depends on the content length and quality.

Update and Reuse Contents

You must have created content when you started blogging when you only had a limited audience. Updating old posts is more comfortable as compared to creating a new one. You can use a paraphrasing tool as you will get a new form of your old content in a few minutes. If you have articles that comprise of vital information but didn’t get the attention, you should spice up things a little and republish those.

Increase the length of your posts and update the information


You might have searched a lot when you first uploaded your content. Use that information by going through your different old materials and insert new information in them. The increase in the length of the content, which Google admires highly, is very helpful. If your article is the one in which you have written about the outdated service or data, then your blog will not gain any attention. You must insert the new information in the content if you want to boost the traffic on your blog.

Insert Pictures that Match your Content

One of the best ways to update your website or blog is to begin with the famous content you created in the past. For that, you can use any Google analytic tool to figure out which content is bringing you more visitors. Then you can amend these articles by adding new social media friendly images in them with new fonts as well as color scheme. You can also pin that to any of your social media handle which might help you drive some traffic to your site.

Recreate Old Titles to Become more SEO-friendly

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While you might have used some titles like “some fun tips for your Friday” may be cute, but they surely will not help you to get a good search engine ranking. The title of your content is the most critical part of its SEO friendliness. Hence, if you want to get a good rank in search engine page results, then it is essential to use the titles which comprise of your keywords and sound appealing enough to get clicks by the users.

The best way in which you can rework with the heading of your content is by thinking of the phrase that people will most likely use to search for content like yours. For more information, Please visit this site: