The 7-Maintenance Tips for a Longer-lasting Instant Pot

Longer-lasting Instant Pot

The multi-cooker instant pots have grown very popular over the recent years despite being newly introduced to the market. The name instapot is self-explanatory; as it suggests, it performs several functionalities in no time. Everyone who has utilized this pressure cooker before, cannot do without it because it is addictive. Therefore, it is a must to know how to clean your instant pot and keep it well maintained so that it would last for long in your kitchen. Check this article

Longer-lasting Instant Pot

Here’s how you can Keep your Instapot as Good as New:

  1. Unplug first

Remember, it’s very important to unplug your instapot when it’s not running. Release pressure first and never clean it while in use. This is not only for the sake of protecting your device, but for your own safety as well. The reason why unplugging it every time you are done cooking using it is strongly recommended by other instapot users is because this trick allows your instapot to last very long.

  1. Learn More about your Instant Pot

As in the case with any device, it’s highly important that you familiarize yourself with your new device right after unpacking it for effective usage and maintenance. To make sure you are not using it wrong, read the instruction manual carefully and what it says about the purposes and functionalities of each part to avoid any potential malfunction or even hazards for you as a user. Learn everything about your instant pot to avoid any mistakes, especially, if you happen to be a newbie or a beginner.

  1. Make sure to Keep your Instant Pot Clean after Using it

The perfect way to maintain your instapot is to give it a good wash after you are done cooking your food. If you are in a hurry or don’t have time to clean it well, then taking off food residues from the interior part of the pot is enough, but make sure you clean it well later. Here is how effective cleaning should be like:

  • Turn the interior part of the pot upside down and clean it well then let dry before you turn it back up
  • Concerning the exterior part, just wipe it out with a wet towel
  1. Take off the Silicone Ring and Clean it

The silicone ring is the part responsible for keeping the heat and pressure inside, and so, keeping it clean is essential so that the instapot is firmly sealed. That is why you should wash out sealing ring thoroughly from any food leftovers. You might even buy extra sealing rings.

  1. Wash the “Housing Unit” well Enough

The housing unit (being the main part of your instant pot and where the cooking happens) should be kept clean all the time. The maintenance of this part of your device shouldn’t be so hard, all you have to do is to follow these instructions:

  • Use a wet cloth to clean up the inside of your instant pot
  • Even though the interior part is designed not allow food to stick; however, should you find any problem getting rid of the food residues, use a brush.
  • To avoid any unpleasant smell, clean your instant pot after every meal, especially if you use it frequently.
  1. Don’t Forget to Clean up the Lid of your Instant Pot

As you are cleaning your Instant pot, remember to wash up its lid as well. While you may clean the lid in the dishwasher, it is preferable to do it manually using warm, soapy water to get rid of food residues, and greasy substances. Then, make sure you let it dry completely before you put on the housing unit, not only to protect it from getting weary, but also to avoid effecting the quality of your food.

  1. Maintain every Piece of your Instapot even the Smaller Ones

Every part and accessory that comes with the Instapot is as equally important and has a purpose to serve. Because of their small size, they are prone to be covered with food particles, so check their condition before and after you cook. You should also:

  • Remove any food particles from your steam-release handle
  • Wipe down the anti-block shield and steam valve with a moist piece of cloth
  • Remove the float valve then wash it and let dry

Do not remove the steam valve of your instant pot! You may clean it while intact to avoid damaging your device.

Final Remarks

Following the earlier mentioned tips and hacks, though easy and takes little time, can add a lot to the longevity of your instant pot. The maintenance of all the parts (small and big) of your device is crucial if you want your device to function well. When you take care of your instant pot and keep it clean, you will have a long-lasting device that cooks any food and recipes you desire.