Introduction to Water Treatment Companies in Pune

Introduction to Water Treatment Companies in Pune

A study by Water Aid says that 5% of the urban Indian population is living without a safe drinking water supply. Over 5 million Indian people who are dwelling in urban areas are still without proper sanitation. Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Pune should keep this fact in mind while designing their plants.

Water Treatment includes improving its quality by making it softer for its various uses. Specific uses of water include drinking, Industrial use, agricultural use and recreation.

Industrial waste, pollution and contamination through human and animal faces make water unsafe for drinking. Water Treatment removes all these impurities or reduces their concentration to make it safe for drinking. While choosing Water Treatment Companies in Pune, one should keep all these things in mind. Click here to know more about water treatment.

Ancient water treatment methods include sand filtration and chlorination of water. Additional processes are required to remove contamination from the water.

Hence Best Water treatment plants in Pune  use the most innovative and advanced methods to remove all types of impurities from water. But the main challenge in Water Treatment is the destruction of microbial pathogens. These pathogens are created by human or animal faeces which are consisting of Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa and Helminths. Chemically reactive agents like Iron and manganese, Viruses, Algae, suspended solids, bacteria and fungi are used to remove these pathogens. But over the long term, these residual disinfectants can harm the human body. Hence complete Water Treatment Process has to go through many subprocesses like physical process, biological process and chemical process.

Water Treatment for drinking water Process consists of

  1. Pre-Chlorination to stop algae and any other biological growth.

2) Aeration along with pre-chlorination to remove dissolved Iron particles in small quantity.

3) coagulation and flocculation to remove solid particles in terms of suspension using chemical agents.

4) Sedimentation to remove a particle suspended in floc through coagulation and flocculation.

5) Sand filtration to remove remaining particles.

Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Pune should follow these guidelines in drinking water treatment.

Industrial Water Treatment consists of –

Boiling water treatment and cooling water treatment. In boiling water treatment formation of scales, corrosion of pipes and bacteria creation takes place. If this corrosion is untreated then it leads to weak and dangerous machinery.  It also attracts additional fuel in the process. Due to this, water has to go through one more process to maintain it’s ph balance and alkalinity level. Finally, it goes through cooling water treatment.

Water Treatment Plants in Pune, Water Treatment Companies in Pune which are involved in Industrial Water Treatment should follow these guidelines.