How To Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage

How To Improve Your Car's Gas Mileage

There are many ways to save money on auto maintenance. You can find the best car battery prices around, and you can take your car in for regular maintenance to fix problems before they worsen. However, most drivers will find the easiest way to keep more money in the bank is by finding ways to improve their car’s gas mileage. With just a few easy steps, you will end up going to the gas station a lot less often.

Inflate the Tires Properly

Most people only inflate their tires when they look noticeably low. However, even a slight deterioration, undetectable to the eye, can drastically reduce your gas mileage. The reason for this is that underinflated tires cause the engine to use more gas to move the vehicle forward. You can see what inflation is recommended in the owner’s manual. By regularly inflating your tires, you can retain five miles per gallon and save on gas.

Reduce Any Excess Weight

A lot of people have a tendency to keep belongings inside their cars. It may be easy to leave lawn chairs and tools in the trunk, but all the weight puts strain on the rear axle. That means the front wheels will not get as good as a grip as they should. This will limit your mileage because the engine has to work harder to push forward a heavier vehicle. If you do not need something in your car at all times, then it would be best to lighten the load.

Drive Below the Speed Limit

Going above the speed limit may get you to your destination faster, but it also puts you at risk of getting a ticket. It also reduces your vehicle’s gas mileage. Most cars burn gas less efficiently once they hit 60 mph. Therefore, going faster on the freeway will force you to fill up sooner.

Utilize Cruise Control 

Most drivers on the highway end up matching the speed of the car directly in front of them. Therefore, it you use cruise control once you are traveling at a safe, legal speed, then it can help you use fuel more efficiently. It reduces how often you have to brake and accelerate, which makes your ride more pleasant and cheaper at the pump.

Use the Right Motor Oil for Your Car

You cannot use just any old motor oil for your vehicle. There is a specific oil recommended for your car’s engine, and you need to use it every time. The wrong oil can reduce gas mileage, and it can lead to significant engine issues. For instance, if you put in a heavier weight oil than you should, then it will create an excessive amount of friction, causing the engine to burn more fuel than it should.

You do not have to purchase the most expensive, most fuel-efficient car on the market to save at the pump. There is plenty any car owner can do to save money on gas. Following these tips will help you keep more money to spend on other expenses. Find the right motor oil and other supplies to keep your car running smoothly at a reputable auto parts store near you.