Unseen Side of TV’s Siya – Madirakshi Mundle


Sharing some Intresting and Unseen side of TV’s Siya-Madirakshi Mundle. If you dont know who Madirakshi is so here is the little brief: She is an Indian actress who is currently potraying the role of Sita on starplus popular show ‘Siya K Ram’.79c24f0fbb6047d616204f1dce334922In real life, Madirakshi Mundle and Kartik Jayaram who potrays the role of Ravan , can say co-star are close friends.
beautyAn article published on an online media portal that quoted that Sita of Siya ke Ram is actually a very happily married girl in concrete life. Though we don’t have any details of her husband and family. Madirakshi is hitched and has a small family with whom she is living happily. However, the actress has never talked about her marriage. madirakshi
madirakshi-mundle-photos-in-black-dress-2Madirakshi Mundle played the character of  Amritha in a film named ‘Ori Devudoy’ which was released in the year 2015. It was Fantasy-Comedy film which is directed by Sriram Vegaraju. The film featured Rajeev Salur as Trishanku and Madirakshi Mundle in a lead roles…madirakshi-mundle-sexy-photos-7