Foods that Boost Metabolism

Foods that Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is an important function and it helps to burn excess calories. But do you think is it possible to burn calories by some modification in your diet? Then answer is yes. Metabolism is a bodily process by which  the total calorie intake by the human beings are used and then fragments it into essential nutrients that helps to complete the essential functions of the body. We can also say that metabolism is a process wherein the food we eat converts into energy that is used by our body. Various ways can be used to boost the metabolism but the best way to boost metabolism is to increase the intake of certain foods that helps to enhance the metabolism. These foods need more calories to digest. It may seem to be unbelievable, but it’s a fact. The metabolism enhancer foods are a rich source of fiber and it makes it difficult to digest them faster and the body can utilize the extra calories. This process helps to burn all the extra calories in our body which converts into fats and stores them under the skin. Check out the metabolism boosting foods:

Fiber rich and complex carbohydrates diet:
Fiber rich and complex carbohydrates dietThe foods that are rich sources of fiber and complex carbohydrates keep a check on the insulin levels in the body. The right level of insulin is important as high insulin levels stimulates the body for storage of fat and reduces the rate of metabolism.

Calcium Rich Diet:
Calcium Rich DietCalcium plays an important role in our body and then it stimulates the metabolism of the body and burns calories and decreases the fat mass. The diet that falls under the category of calcium includes milk and milk products, soy, broccoli, other diary products.

Proteins Rich Diet:
Proteins Rich DietProtein rich diet helps a lot to boost metabolism. Our body needs more energy for the digestion of protein diet and helps to burn fats and carbohydrates. This type of diet includes lean beef, turkey or chicken, pulses, egg yolk and all these foods makes our body to work better and digest these foods while burning more calories at the same time.
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Rich Food:
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Rich FoodConsuming fish in your diet affects the level of leptin which is a hormone in our body that boosts metabolism. The increased amount of leptin in our body is always recommended.So, consume fishes like Salmon or Tune in your diet as the presence of omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the well being of our body.

Capsaicin Rich Spices Diet:
Capsaicin Rich Spices DietCapsaicin rich spices are very effective to boost metabolism. The presence of these spices not only makes the food yummy, but also increases the heart rate. About 25% of the metabolism rate increased by food with capsaicin rich spices.

Caffeine and EGCG Rich liquid diet:
Caffeine and EGCG Rich liquid diet
Some hold the misconception that consumption of tea and coffee is not good for health while the reality is that caffeine helps to increase the heart rate and increases the process to burn calories as well. On the other hand, the presence of EGCG in tea quickens the process of the nervous system and brain response and gives a boost to the metabolism rate of the body.

Here you can check out the list of Foods that Boost Metabolism: Although the foods that falls in the above given categories are best but some of the foods that actually help to boost the metabolism and burn excess fat quickly are given here:

Chicken breast
Coffee Cucumbers
Grape Fruit
Green Tea
Fat-free Yogurt
Brown Rice
Whole Grains

But while resorting to only these foods will not be effective, until and unless you follow a good exercise routine with a healthy lifestyle. Further studies indicate that we should not skip our breakfasts as skipping breakfast lowers the metabolism rate. Metabolism plays an important function in our body and the absence of it leads to ill-effects on our health and body.