Freaky Ali Movie Review

Freaky Ali Movie Review

Nowadays bollywood celebs are doing such activities which is not done before. Recently we reported that Kareena Kapoor is the first woman to walk on ramp with a baby bump and here is one more, “freaky ali”. We have seen sport related movie such as chak de india which was focused on hockey, Iqbal which was focused on cricket, Dhan Dhana dan goal which was on Football etc. FREAKY ali is a sport based movie too.. but Sohail Khan came with a some new concept. The movie is about an ordinary man becoming champion of Golf. Can say Golf ka sachin!!

In lead Sohail choosed Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the man of immense acting gifts, this time instead of working with his brother Salman who recently did movie ‘Sultan’ based on wrestling.

Ali (Nawaz) is a goonda-mawaali who does bad things for a boss named Danger Bhai once his gloves-in-crime Arbaaz Khan. He along with sells underwear. He can in addition to hit sixes off all ball. He can as well as put the ball in whichever hole he feels moreover furthermore a golf club. Ali is that awesome. And just by creature himself, i.e a Bollywood hero, he obviously gets Amy Jackson, whose on your own role in the film is to clap for Ali.