Rishi Kapoor Slapped a Journalist During Ganpati Visarjan!


Media was trying to capture the ganpati visarjan ceremony of Kapoor family which includes rishi kapoor, randhir kapoor and ranbir kapoor. That was when Rishi kapoor turned violent. News reported that Rishi Kapoor even slapped a cameraman who was trying to capture their ganpati visarjan ceremony.

Some video clipping were shared on social media in which Rishi and Randhir are spotted manhandling and pushing and shoving people around them. All of the suddden Randhir  lost his cool when a reporter approaches him for a byte.

It is also reported that senior journalist of hindi news channel was pushed ruthlessly from kapoor’s car.
“There was no reason for Rishi or Randhir to turn angry and violent. All that the media was trying to do was their simple duty that is covering the event. All was well until the actors turned violent for no rhyme or reason. Rishi misbehaved with a very senior cameraman of a news channel. His actions were really uncalled for,” says a source.