Adi to Misunderstand Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Since very long we have saw that Aaliya is attracted towards Mihir and consider Adi as her best friend. But feelings are not same as Adi like/loves Aaliya. Recently when ishita got to know this she tried taking to raman about this but for some or the other reason she failed to tell him.

While coming back from Delhi, Mihir was attacked but some how Aaliya saved mihir’s life and successfully took him to hospital. It will be revealed that Aaliya loves Mihir and this truth will not be easy for Adi to accept. In addition to that somehow he will get to know that Ishita was knowing the truth but didnt told him. He will feel betrayal.

Adi misunderstands ishita and feels she hided intentionally and played with his feelings. He shouts on her for not telling about aliya love for mihir.

In the coming episodes, Adi gets into a fight with a factory member and this land him into a big trouble. The person will get angry on adi and warns that he will call union leaders and do strike in his office.

Ishita who will be taken aback with the shock will then try explaining Aaliya of how it would be unacceptable but the latter will refuse to budge. On the other hand, Ishita will console a saddened Adi, who in turn will lash out at her holding her responsible for the heart-break.

May be this will affect Ishita’s business and her order with mr. singhal. Shagun will take advantage of this strike.