New laser Technique for Treating an Anal Fistula

New laser Technique

The Laser treatment for Anal Fistula is the latest technique to cure the Anal fistula. The number of patients diagnosed and observed with Anal Fistula are increasing at a drastic pace. What can be the reason behind it? The answer to it comes in two simple phrases, ‘odd and inactive daily schedule” and “insufficient nutrition and fiber-rich diet”.

The above two have been found out to be the root cause of Anal Fistula and Anal Fissure. Anal Fistula can be identified as a small, thin tunnel that is formed near and around the external opening of the anus, the point where the stool leaves the body.  Anal Fistula generally occurs due to the formulation of infection or puss in the anus or near the anal opening.

New laser Technique for Treating an Anal Fistula

Advancement in medical science has brought to us a pain-free technique to get rid of Anal Fistula. Earlier, Anal Fistula Surgery or open surgery for Anal fistula was the only known cure for advanced stages of anal fistula. Open surgery was a lot painful for patients with severe post-surgery effects that left the patient in pain and hassle for up to two weeks. In open surgery, the stitches also run a high risk of getting infected. The number of complications involved in the case of open surgery is much higher.

Treating an Anal Fistula

Anal Fistula Laser Treatment, on the other hand, is a very convenient and completely pain-free treatment. There are no cuts or stitches involved in Laser treatment for Anal Fistula. The anal fistula is removed using Laser, without using knives or needles on the skin. The patient is released from the hospital facility in a healthy condition within a few hours after the laser treatment. The patient further faces no complications in normal day to day life. No diet or other restrictions are applied to post the laser treatment.

Reasons to go for “Laser Treatment” for Anal fistula instead of “Open Surgery”

What is the need to bear cuts and stitches when the same treatment can be done in a pain-free way? Doctors, now recommend Laser treatment instead of the old, traditional open surgery. There are countless pros of considering laser technique instead of open surgery.

Laser treatment is also more promising than standard open surgery. The chances of getting the condition of anal fistula again after the laser surgery are negligibly minute. Whereas, in case of patients who have got done an open surgery, many times, the anal fistula came back. Chances of recurrence of an anal fistula are very high in case of an open surgery done.

There is no risk of infection in the case of laser treatment. As the body of the patient is in no contact with knives, stitches or any other foreign body, the patient runs no risk of infection. Open surgery involves physical removal of the Anal Fistula. The surgical method has a high risk of infection, especially in the case of a tender organ such as anus. Doctors highly recommend opting for Laser treatment instead of Open surgery.