How To Start A Blog in 2024 [Blogging Guide For Beginners]

How To Start A Blog in 2020

Have you ever wondered how a blogger’s life is? If this thought had ever crossed your mind then for sure you might either want or would have started a blog of your own. Blogging seems to be easy when you are not aware of everything. If you are thinking that blogging is all about writing and nothing else then you might be wrong.

Blogging is tougher than it sounds. Almost every blogger who is a novice and starts in the wrong way chooses to quite within 6 months. But it is not their fault. If you do not start well then how come you will ever be able to get what you want. Starting blogging in 2020 is a very useful thing. In the wake of the coronavirus and work from home, you can make a blog of yourself and start earning if you lead a perfect run.

To become a blogger all you need to do is follow the following steps and you will never face failure in the field of blogging.


Choosing a Theme Topic:

Choosing a theme topic for your blog is one of the most important things. Sometimes when you choose a wrong theme for your blog you start to lack content. A theme topic must be something that you are aware of and which is a passionate topic for you. The topic must have the capacity to induce more and more material out of it and thus you can hit a regular run in the blogging era.

Choosing Domain:

You should find a good domain for yourself which can be easily searched. While choosing a domain you must make sure that the domain you want is short and simple and must contain keywords that will help you when people search for it. The benefit of choosing a good domain is that you get good traffic on your blog.

Choosing a Perfect Theme:

Choosing a unique theme that becomes an eye-catcher for your blog can be beneficial. People tend to read those blogs which are neat and clean in themes i.e. In which fonts are easily visible even after decoration and everything else. If you do not take care of such issues you might not get traffic.

Try Being Regular:

You need to post regularly on your blogs. If you are skipping a whole week then you will lose traffic from your blog and people will even start to ignore your blogs in a few cases. You need to be available for your blog and for posting in it and thus only you can get people to read your blog.

Blogging is easy once you start it by keeping the above-mentioned basics in your mind. Many bloggers earn a lot of amount by applying advertisements or doing promotions of the stuff and so could you. All you need to do is never lose hope and keep on posting on your blog and one day for sure your blog will get the desired results.