How Do I Make My NYS Medical License Inactive in New York State?

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Licensing options can be frustrating for a non-practicing physician. Physicians in New York state who retired from clinical practice get to select their licensing status. As a result of the requirement to renew licenses prior to the birthday of a licensee in the expiry year, doctors must agree about how the renewal material submitted by the Government Medication Registration Board will be treated. Of course, on the date they complete their medical careers, certain physicians also chose to withdraw their New York medical license.

To make your New York physician license inactive, consult a Medical Licensing service to help you.

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Some information about the pension process and options between activated or complete lapsed, or disabled licenses from the Board is provided here.

Legal status: Treatment can be used and prescription administered by a practitioner with a legal license. The participating practitioner is expected to meet the board ‘s standards for continuing professional care and is entitled to the minimum compensation of $100,000/$300,000 in an insurance licensed liability policy. The overall fee is $600.00. In some cases, the Board may issue a full restricted license.

Lapsed License: If a doctor does not complete the renewal application for his or her birthday, a lack of a license occurs. That is a cancelation under the authority statute that is handled in a way similar to dismissal or cancelation for a reason.

The concerns with a lapse of the New York doctor license registration can not be known. You can expire your registration if you don’t officially refuse to renew your license. This is considered to be a law-based reversal and should if possible be avoided.

You have no automatic right to renewal. You would need to file a lapsing license and will be subject to the Board’ s reviews to any flaw in your record or chances of healthy and successful healthcare services if you were to pursue an active license in New York again in

An alternative region selected by nearly 1300 doctors is currently inactive. The absent licensee charges the full $600 premium that gives the doctor the right to undergo a late licensing procedure and to create a realistic program for doctors who come back from retirement. Retirement calls for a wide demand. Total licensees are protected by the ability to renew a New York physician license that people without a license are not eligible to receive. The Board might fairly, of course, allow a couple of years or more to make up the CME criteria for inactive licensees.

License Inactive: an inactive practitioner can not teach, administer, or specifically or indirectly treat patients. A non-active practitioner shall be removed from the provisions of compulsory professional care and liability insurance. Doctors can switch from inactive to active status by filling out the form available on the Board website to request active status. Note that the Board forbids procedure, both for family members and themselves for regular diseases, by the prohibition on all medications.