How to choose the Best Curling Iron for Short Hair

How to choose the Best Curling Iron for Short Hair

When you have a straight and short hair, you cannot avoid thinking about having a curly hair. Well, you can surely imagine how pretty you would look like in such curls, right? I guess, you will not even dare to touch the straight strands when you know that it won’t look great. But going to a salon and wait for a long queue is sometimes annoying, especially when you are running out of time. For example, what if you have an appointment and you are really in a hurry. There is no VIP treatment even for a regular customer when you know that everybody is also waiting.

This is the reason why there are ladies, who have learned to use a curling iron. Though, it is not enough to simply use anything that is available on the market. You should also know how to choose the best curling iron for short hair. I know that you are sometimes saying that short hair is quite boring. But not really when you know how to make it bouncy. With such style, you cannot avoid other people to look at you. Now, what do you think are the most important considerations when choosing the best curling iron for your type of hair?

Materials Used

First, check the materials used. You have to see the surface of this equipment. It must be made from titanium, ceramic or tourmaline technology. Anyway, the material that you are going to choose will depend on personal preference, which suits your hair needs. Make sure that it will work gently on your hair and not to damage it. However, I suggest you to pick between tourmaline and ceramic when the hair is damaged or when you would like to keep your healthy hair.

Ceramic technology is used because it will ensure the even distribution of the heat. It is also capable of discharging negative ions, which makes the hair and scalp to frizz and give a smooth shinning look. What’s really special with this technology is that you can avoid experiencing the snagging as well as the pulling while you are curling the hair.

While the tourmaline iron technology are emitting more negative ions, which made it stand out among other technology used as per material is concerned At least, with this type of technology, you will also have a shiny and a smooth looking curly hair.

Some people also choose the titanium technology when it comes to the material used. It heats up exceptionally fast. This is an ideal option for ladies with the coarse type of hair because this allows heat resistance.

The Size

The next thing that you really need to consider is the size of your chosen curling iron. There are different sizes to choose from and are available in the market. Since the size varies, they also deliver various results. Now, what will happen, if you have used the wrong size? Well, you may not really like the result. Therefore, you better be mindful because this is an important concern when buying your own curling iron.

You will have to choose from 3/8 to 2 inches. What do you think is the size that will suit your hair? Of course, this one will depend on the hair length and the look or style that you would like to achieve.

Use a curling iron with 3/8 or 5/8 inch size, when you have a short hair and would like to see spirals, tight curls and ringlets. But if you are wishing for loose and large curls with a long hair, then you better choose 1.25+ inch size of curling iron. A curling iron with a 2-inch size will allow the ends of your hair to have a perfectly rounded shape.

Heating setting

The last and another important consideration that you need to know is the heat setting on the curling iron. Keep in mind that a variable heat setting is, indeed, a good choice because this allows the user to make adjustments on the temperature, which will always depend on the hair type. If your hair is thick, then you need a high temperature. Avoid setting a higher temperature when you have a thin or fragile hair to avoid damages.

Anyway, you can always buy the ones with heating settings that you can adjust. Sometimes, this may also have an LCD display, where you can see and operate the temperature settings. If you can find the ones with multiple settings, then that is also a good choice because this means that you can use it for different types and thickness of hair.

Remember that for a damaged, thin and fragile hair, set it to 150-degrees. While 170-degrees setting is suitable for individuals with straight and really fine hair. And then, set it to 200-degrees when the texture of your hair is medium.