Steps to do French Manicure at Home

Steps to do French Manicure at Home

French Manicure is the most attractive but elegant style of applying a nail paint. It is combination of nail polish and natural look of nails and so it appears very classy too. French manicures is not just look beautiful but becomes your style statement if done in correct way. So many ladies leave the idea to adopt this way as it is very costly and they must look to their budget. What if you can do the same at your home? To do it at home you may follow the given below instructions using some of the things like white nail polish, cotton balls, nail paint remover, a bucket, small fans, nail clippers and tweezers, lotion, small towel and soap.


Follow the steps to start the French Manicure

Follow the steps to start the French ManicureCredit

 Remove the Old Nail Paint and Cut in desired Shape – First and the main thing you have to do is to dip the cotton ball in nail polish remover and wipe the nail with that to remove the old nail paint over nails. When you have done with removing nail paint from nail, take nail clippers and cuticle knife and clip the small skin on the top of cuticle. Cut all the nails in equal shape. After that file them and provide nice shape.

Manicure is Necessary – After that you have to wash the hands and so fill a small bucket with warm water and add few drops of hand wash in it. Shake it well to assure the soap mixes well in the water. Then you can soak your hands in the water for next 10-15 minutes. After small gap of 5 minutes, using a sponge rub the outer skin of the hands. This will help to remove the dead skin from the hands. Then apply a moisturizing lotion over it. It will give the moisture back to the hands.

 Starting the French Manicure - Take the white nail polish and using the brush paint the tips of your finger nails. You need perfection doing this. In case, you have doubt you can’t do it perfectly then apply the tape over the finger and leave the areas of tips. Now, you can apply the white nail polish without hesitation and you don’t have tension that the nail polish will be applied to any other area.

Dry the Nails - Leave for next 10 minutes or till the nail polish becomes dry. Even you can use the small fans to make the nail paint dry. If you don’t to try boring area to sit in front of fan then you can dry the paint in interested way and for that take a bowl of chilled water. Now, soak your hands with finger tips in the water for 2 minutes.

Finish in Fine Way – Now, your nail polish is dry and you finally apply a transparent nail polish to whole nail to make it look more glossy and shiny. Then apply moisturizer over hands. Now, you are ready to show your French manicure to your friends which you have one yourself at home. It can be done before going for an interview, to a party or going for dinner.