All about Reliance Jio

All about Reliance Jio

Here is All about Reliance Jio.

Mukesh Ambani announces Rs 50 for 1GB 4G plan. Can say this is the cheapest data rate we have heard about ever. In todays date who gives 1Gb data in Rs 50 and that too 4G.

Free voice calls, low data usage charges, lucrative schemes for students Mukesh Ambanis Reliance Industries had something for everyone at the launch advertisement of its much awaited Reliance Jio. In a earsplitting-bang start for Reliance Jio, Ambani at the 42nd RIL AGM said that all voice calls for Jio customers will be pardon. Announcing the commencement tariffs, Ambani said, we have a plethora of plans. We begin from Rs 19 per hours of daylight data plot for the occasional data devotee. Then there is a Rs 149 monthly plot for the fresh data devotee. The data plot for the heaviest fan goes taking place to Rs 4,999 per month, he said.

“Jio is the only mobile network in the country that is only 4G LTE,” said Mukesh Ambani at the 42nd Reliance AGM. In an extensive speech highlighting his plans for Reliance Jio, its benefits, offers and roadmap, Ambani said, “There is only 4G on the Jio network and not mostly 2G, sometimes 3G and once-in-a-while 4G.” quoted as said at launch.

All about Reliance Jio SIM

Mukesh Ambani announced a ‘forgive conventional pay for’ for Jio customers from September 5 till December 31. R Jio will let users data services pardon for four months, after which it will manage to pay for 10 tariff plans starting at Rs 19 a hours of daylight for occasional users, Rs 149 a month for low data users and Rs 4,999 a month for stuffy data users.
Ambani said, we have a plethora of plans. “We begin from Rs 19 per hours of daylight data seek for the occasional data enthusiast. Then there is a Rs 149 monthly intention for the spacious data enthusiast. The data desire for the heaviest adherent goes occurring to Rs 4,999 per month,” he said. “We have provided the lowest LTE data rates in the world,” he optional association. Ambani went upon to footnote that Jio is furthermore rolling out many wi-fi hotspots across the country. “By the center of the considering year, we will have 1 million wi-fi hotspots across India,” he promised.

Ambani said, “Jio’s pricing is about solving customers’ pain points and customer should pay only for one service – voice or data.” He announced that all voice calls for Jio customers will be absolutely free. “No Jio customer will ever pay for voice calls to any network in India and roaming charges will also be zero, “Ambani said.