Effective Ways to boost your Happiness

Effective Ways to boost your Happiness

This is true fact that life is not perfect for everyone as someone seems it as bed of roses but others only found thrones in it. Sometime in our life a phase comes when we have to get down. But in place of feeling low at that time you can feel cheerful. This happiness will not boost your happiness but also give you strength to fight with the difficult situations. Here mentioned are effective ways to boost your happiness.

The first thing, I will suggest you that when you are feeling very low at heart you can simply watch a comedy movie which is full of life. Laughter is called the best medicine. This will help to express the unexpressed emotions. Also, some endorphins produces when you laugh this also boost your mood. Laugh also helps to burn calories and is very good for the heart health. So, what are you thinking? Bring out a best comic movie and watch it.

Go under Sun – It is said that those who have deficiency of Vitamin D usually faces mood swings as well as depression. To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin D you have to take Vitamin D supplements. Even this can also be found in sunlight. Also, this costs nothing and has not desired extra efforts. The thing you have to do is to go for little walk of 15- 20 minutes in sunlight to get the enough Vitamin D for body. This is one of the simplest yet effective ways to boost the happiness.

Get your Nutrition- Most of the times, mood swings and depression is the result of some external factors but this may also happens that you are having any nutrition deficiency which has make you stubborn. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for the health of brain and its deficiency make you feel low emotionally. If you are taking Vitamin B supplements in good amount then can overcome the problem.

Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy is known to provide relax. Some aroma oils are available in market which serves you the best. Some of the best aroma oils are neroli, geranium, jasmine and bergamot. You can add some drops of the oil in water or can also add some drops in the oil burner. It will create a pleasant atmosphere around you and will feel relax. Even room sprays having aroma oils are also available in the market.

Time to Work out- This is strange but one of the effective ways to boost your happiness. Go to the gym and try brisk walking or running. You are suggested to do that because when you exercise some of the chemicals releases from the brain like anandamide and endorphins and these are helpful to elevate your mood. Along with this, it also boosts the levels of energy and build up the self-esteem.

Bring the emotions out of yourself – Huge number of people has the habit to keep the things in them but when you are extremely low or facing difficult time of the life, you need a person whom you can trust. It would be your best friend, your partner or any near one and even you can talk with a counselor.  This is not a shameful matter that you are talking about your problem to a stranger. Even he/she will make you able to forget the hard part and give advice how you can boost your happiness.