Growing Concern and Remedies for Preventing Hair Loss

Growing concern and remedies for preventing Hair loss

Hair is referred as the crowning glory of a person. It forms an inevitable aspect of one’s aesthetic appeal. No one feels like roaming around with a bald head or less hair. Keeping in concern the importance it have on your fashion statement it is essential to take care of your hair. But unfortunately many of you have a tendency of neglecting your hair which ultimately turn out causing serious hair damages. Sometime this damage can be cause split ends, rough hair and sometimes hair loss. In adverse cases; this hair loss can even turn you bald.

What is Hair thinning?

Hair thinning is very common among both men and women. A woman nearly loses hundreds of hair in a day on an average. But men are nowhere exempt from alopecia. The causes of hair loss can be traced upon a number of factors. While some are due to environmental causes; some occur as a result of health disorders. Genetic factor plays an active role in case of hair loss. A person having a history of family members suffering from hair loss are likely to suffer from the same problem. Along with this; ageing is equally responsible for hair fall.

Hair loss causes and types

Alike our body; hair also has its own life cycle. They are born they grow and fall off indicating their death. This death is caused from physical stressors like surgery, accident or pregnancy causing disruption in the life cycle or the hair. Sometimes this loss is temporary while in adverse cases it turns out to be permanent. A man can experience hair loss in 3 general patterns. Receding hairline; thinning crown and general thinning form these three hair loss type. Receding hairline is a case where the hair around the temple region and the either sides gets worn out leaving a mound in the midst. Some may experience thinning of hair in the crown while some face the general thinning with the same intensity of hair loss all over the scalp.

Remedies for hair loss prevention

Over the years; with great advancement in the field of science and technology, various remedies have come up for preventing hair loss. Herbal remedies have been always preferred by the users as they are deprived of any side effects. Rosemary, basil, chives, oregano, basil, parsley, thyme and mint: the uses of all these herbs play a powerful role in stimulating hair growth. One can use onion juice, apple cider vinegar mask, egg white mask on the scalp to enrich the growth of hair eliminating the cause of its loss.

Hair transplantation and re-growth

In the recent years; hair transplantation has emerged as a permanent remedy for hair on your bald head. This transplantation delivers natural looking hair with a painless treatment method. In most cases; the person undergoing the treatment might face discomfort only at the initial stage of the therapy. With this therapy; the scarring visible becomes minimal and eventually negligible. FUE hair transplant technique which is the most recent transplantation treatment; is considered less time consuming and less painful compared to the initial hair transplantation treatment. These treatments are best because they gift your bald head with natural looking black hair adding on to your look.