Baseless allegations being circulated to defame AIMEP party chief Nowhera Shaik

AIMEP party chief Nowhera Shaik

In the post-election high drama that has consumed Karnataka over the past few weeks, a handful of opportunistic All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP) candidates have been found vying for their own share of the limelight. In an attempt to stir the political pot, seven out of the 221 candidates who contested elections under the AIMEP banner have come forward and filed unsupported, false FIRs with the police. Possibly disillusioned by a scarcity of campaign funds or caught unaware of party operational guidelines, these candidates have alleged fiscal misappropriation by their party chief Nowhera Shaik.

AIMEP party chief Nowhera Shaik

In response, sources from the AIMEP have clarified that cheques were taken from all the candidates during the nomination process to prevent them from withdrawing nominations or switching parties at the last moment. This is indeed common practice among most parties to safeguard themselves from heavy-handed political maneuvering that invariably takes place pre-polls. Once the election process is concluded, these collaterals are either returned or safely disposed. It’s not ideal, but necessary.

In what seems to be a disingenuous attempt to malign the party’s reputation, a handful of candidates have either been externally motived or themselves misled into issuing complaints that don’t have much evidence to stand on. It is unfortunate that the current political climate encourages such behavior and prevents new ventures, such as the AIMEP, from entering with genuine intentions and progressive agendas. The party says it is confident that the truth will prevail once the judicial due process is completed.

AIMEP party chief Nowhera ShaikAIMEP led by Dr. Nowhera Shaik, in a bold move, had earlier decided to contest the Karnataka assembly poll elections from all 224 constituencies. Entrepreneur and women leader, Shaik, had promised to work for the betterment of people, strive for social harmony, secular politics and communal tolerance. Dr. Nowhera Shaik is also the founder and CEO of The Heera Group and lifetime Vice President of the women’s wing of International Human Rights Association – India. She has been awarded and hailed, especially for her efforts in the field of education and humanitarian service.