Eco-friendly Horse Care Tips for New Age Horse Owners

Horse Riding

Horse care is challenging! But there are several ways you can go about it. Every horse owner today has the chance of caring for the environment and saving it from hazards as he/she gets into horse care. It means horse owners can be eco-friendly and also take good care of their horses. Today, most people are becoming environmentally conscious while they maintain their yard and stable. You too can make a couple of environment-friendly decisions and add to green changes to your horse care regime.


Are you wondering how difficult this is going to be? The answer is not at all. Discussed below are some of the easy ways to go about it. And as you invest yourself in this effort, you can also browse through interesting websites like TVG and the like.


  1. Minimize the eco-impact

Majority of horses are unable to tackle a complete turnout and not feel wretched during winter. Several yards suggest that people purchase horses when fields are moist. Does your horse require stabling? If yes, then you can reduce the eco-impact as well. The majority of bedding is mostly environment-friendly. It makes use of shredded cardboard, straw, wood chip, waste products, hemp, and several other renewable resources. Go ahead and get them from a local store to reduce the fuel required for the transport. Use them as and when you need.


  1. Feeding naturally

You can search for the unprocessed feeds as its eco-friendly. It’s even better for your pocket as well as the horse. Today you can opt-in for the forage-based choices. It’s vegan and has a few ingredients such as beet pulp, grass or Lucerne. And this helps to avert unnecessary additions like preservatives and molasses. You can create your own as well using supplements of your choice. For this, you can purchase garlic granules, salt, brewer’s yeast, magnesium, rosehip, linseed, and many others. You can manage the mixture to cater to the horse’s feed all around the year.


  1. Get green with your cleaning habits

Do you want to stop wasting water during cleaning? If yes, then use the leftover horse’s drinking water for soaking hay! And when you go on to clean the rugs and other rags, don’t use the marine polluting detergents anymore. Your horse/s can get allergies from this. It’s always smart to opt-in for a natural solution. Browse online and purchase soapnut shells and use it in your washing machine to substitute chemical detergents.


  1. Go green on your paddocks

The elective fence energizers (solar powered) will bail you out from the trouble of recharging a massive battery. However, ensure that you select one with a backup battery when there’s zero sunshine. Do you want to sow the pasture? If yes, you can avert ryegrass blends since they offer excess energy for an average horse.


  1. Get into eco-friendly grooming

Are you purchasing tack? If yes, make sure to stay away from the synthetic, petroleum-based leathers. Instead, check out the vegan tanned leather choices. Simply put, leather is apt for both the horse and horse owner today. Furthermore, it’s durable and comes with an increased resale value. You can also select the wood-backed brushes that have natural horse hair that will groom in the best possible manner.


These are some of the ways on how you can be eco-friendly and take care of your horse. If this is your first time, you can choose one choice at a time and gradually make the most of all the tips.