Good Night Quotes for the Blessing of Sleep

Good Night Quotes

Good nights start with conversation which mingles with silent sleep and good night quotes will make you realise the wonders of sound sleep and pleasures that it fetches. They will bring back sleep in the eyes which have forgotten to shut and enter the world of dream where everything happens as per your wish and desire.

The quotes will fetch you the treasure of sound sleep making you healthy and refresh for the bright new day waiting to throw challenges on you. The collection of good night quotes will change your attitude and perception towards the blessing God has given us in the form of sleep and nighttime which rejuvenates mind, body, and soul.

Good night quotes to fetch a pleasant and peaceful sleep.

Good Night Quote

Good sleep at night is a remedy for beautiful skin and boosting energy.

Good night becomes more good, beautiful and lovely on Saturdays.

I am the one who enjoys nothing more than a sound sleep at night.

The best part of the day has come sleeping time. Sleep tight so that you are ready to welcome a new day.

The night is the time to recapitulate my memories and make them part of my dreams as I sleep tight.

Good night quotes show the day like sleep must be pleasant and relaxing.

Forget the strains and pains of the day it is time to lean on the bed and enter the world of dreams.

It is the time to enter the world where you are king and rest all at your service. Good night.

Nights are long for those who do not like sleeping but too short for those who like no other thing than sleeping.

Pleasures that sound sleep at night gives matches no other comfort and relaxation.

Let the angels be the companions as you roam around in the world of dreams when you sleep tight tonight. Good night.

Good night quotes that will make you understand the value of sleep.

Good Night

It is the time to shut everything mouth, eyes, and doors.

The sound sleep in peaceful nights is a blessing in itself which prepare you for a new day.

Sleeping time is the time to wish all of my fellow mates a sound sleep after a busy day.

The darkness of night is to make you blind for some time so that you forget everything all your duties and sleep.

Hard work is the best sleeping pill. I recommend this pill to all those who suffer from sleeping problems.

Good night quotes help you to relax and call off from your daily duties.

Justice with your duty in the daytime will gift you sound sleep at night.

Lovely, full of pleasure sleep awaits you on your sweet little bed. Good night.

Sound sleep gives peace of mind, a healthy body, and beautiful eyes so fetch the one for you tonight.

Sleep is like an automatic massager which relieves the stressful muscles of the whole day long. Get onto the bed and experience it tonight.

The silent moon and twinkling stars wish you sound sleep as I. Good night.

Sleeping time is time to be with yourself leaving rest everything listen to your tired body and pull out the quilt.

Good night quotes make you look at the beauty of nights.

Gazing moon smiles gently and wishes you sweet dreams while you sleep sound.

It hurts me the most when I have to sacrifice my nights and sound sleep.

The night time is time to be with family and share the stories of the day which are fairy tales for the children making them sleep tight.

I wish you a peaceful sleep and pleasant journey in the world of dreams. Good night.

Twinkling stars are forcing me to shut my eyes and be with them till the bright sunlight awakes me.

The night is a time to put an end to the stories which began in the morning and start with a new one.


Good night quotes will help you to wish your loved ones sound sleep and pleasurable night. The quotes will convey to your loved ones that they remain in your heart, and you want to wish them a sound sleep which will prepare them to welcome a bright new day energetically. Good night quotes to cherish the night time with memories of the day and remember your loved ones.

The good night quotes will make the reader welcome night time and sleep with open arms as it is the best treat you can give to tired body and mind. The quotes reflect on the health benefits and motivate the person to make efforts to fetch sound sleep which is a blessing in every way and manner. These quotes will add to the joys of your dear friend and make her night time the most memorable of all.