A hideous connection of 183 between Kohli, Ganguly, and Dhoni

Virat Kohli, Sourav Ganguly, MS Dhoni

Cricket is the fascinating sport that exists in India, although it is not a national sport. But Indians are crazy about cricket, they are die-hard fans, and they can even skip their meals or work to watch the most extensive series or tournament. Collecting information about their favorite cricket stars is like a hobby to them.

There are unexpected activities that happen in an Indian cricket team. Any famous player caught red-handed while dating a beautiful actress or any ordinary girl. But a lot of time, numerous unexpected incidents leave you behind in shock.

No, not. We are not talking about any secret marriage or date. Instead, here we are to share some views on the connection of 183.

Still not getting any idea. Only die-hard cricket fans do aware of the connection of 183. It is the most confusing relationship and remains a mystery between the famous cricket stars who are known worldwide for their talent.

Meet- Kohli, Ganguly, and Dhoni. These three musketeers establish a mysterious connection of 183 among them which is still yet unresolved.

What is 183?

183 is the highest ODI score which is attained by these three popular champs of Indian cricket. But what is mysterious about 183? They three achieved 183 as their highest ODI score when they just entered the cricket industry before becoming a popular cricket start in front of the world. Before their entrance at the international level, they achieve 183.

Three musketeers or Indian Cricket champs

While counting famous cricket players of the Indian cricket team, Dhoni, Ganguly, and Kohli are the top names that hit your head. With their hardship and talent, today, they stand on a worldwide platform. All three have scored 183 in their shortest format.

  • Ganguly: Sourav Ganguly was the first Indian player who hit 183 ODI scores vs. Sri Lanka in 1999 during the world cup event. It was a must-win game against the world’s champion, who gets defeated at 157.
  • Dhoni: MS Dhoni, the shoulder-length guy which we all know for his best winning shots. In 2005, Dhoni hit 183 against our opponents and helped India score 300 with 6 wickets.
  • Kohli: Virat Kohli, a heart stealer of Indian adult women or men. This guy joined the club in 2012. He ensured to knock down the opponents during the Asia cup. He reached the target of 330 vs. Pakistan. Undoubtedly, Kohli keeps our expectations high.

Another coincidence in the books of three musketeers

We found out another fascinating factor; you can call it a coincidence about these three players. They hit 183 knocks in their career before starting their walk on star carpet, and thereafter they made fame or status for themselves. All three players were relatively new to this industry, however gradually, they make a popular name for themselves.

A score of 183 helps them in a long way ahead or allows them to establish a routine for themselves. So that’s the story of 183 benchmarks for three musketeers. So, who do you think going to join this 183 club?