The Importance of the Best Keyword Research Tools for any Startup

Best Keyword Research Tools

We often get held up with a single word and want synonyms and alternative terms for it. We finally end up searching in the dictionary or on the Internet. A significant word is chosen among the humongous search results and is used for their own purposes. This is quite common and almost, done by everyone on this planet.

Keyword Research:

The basic input word entered into the search engine for searching other new words is called as Keyword. With this word as the base, the research tools provide relevant words for the keyword. This is termed as keyword research.

Every website depends on its social, organic, editorial ranking. If the keyword research tools are put to best use, there is a huge chance of tapping web traffic in enormous scale. By filling in all types of articles with random keywords spread across the article, does not help a website to get a good ranking. For achieving this, there must be a proper analysis of the requirements, motto behind a search and relevant answers with us. Keywords turn out to be only connection with the public, which makes them end up reading the content of a website. So the basic necessity here is proper keywords that may not only give an exceptional ranking but may also give huge returns on the investment made. The ultimate aim is to obtain a positive ranking with good returns on the investment.

Best SEO Plugins and Tools for Increase Website Traffic

How to enable a Keyword research?

There are various methods of enabling a keyword research.

  1. A brainstorming session could be conducted to generate new ideas and words for the same context. This obviously depends on different perspectives.
  2. There are certain seed keywords obtained from this brainstorming session. These could be used in the Best Keyword Research Tools, which, on typing a word, results with the number of other similar words.

3. It totally depends on the target market which should be done strategically so as to get a  possible good ranking.

Keyword research Tool:

This is an apparatus used to search the required suitable words for input keyword. Therefore, it is required by every company to have a keyword research tool for making their website popular and get a satisfying rank for the website. Therefore, it turns out to be something essential for the required web traffic. The main reason, why investment must be made on a keyword research tool is, it reduces the time and gives data in enormous quantities. It is a win-win situation for all websites. This facilitates the researcher to a world of large data which could not have been done without Keyword Research Tools. With the help of keywords arrived out of these tools, one could create the content required depending on the keyword.

The keyword research could be approached and analyzed in two methods – Traditional Keyword research, Competition based keyword research. The traditional keyword research is the generalized type of research method whereas competition based research is an advanced system of searching whose type of words is proven already. The main steps involved in this research are:

Traditional Keyword research:

  1. Find Basic keyword.
  2. Develop around the keyword.
  3. Get results and analyze it.
  4. Assess difficulty.

Competition based keyword research is based on seed websites and process through websites.

Therefore, the basic difference between the two types of approaches is the traditional one is worked out through keywords whereas, the latter, is worked through websites. The basic keyword opportunity must be sorted out and filter to the best, as required. The difficulty is analyzed through the SERP analysis and keyword difficulty metric.

The SEO’s often get confused, as to, which type of approach should be adopted. This totally depends on the reason and motto behind the research. Both the methods cannot be compared and each approach is unique in its own way.

About the research Tools:


KW Finder:

It is simple in its usage and it enhances the experience of the user through its design and performance.

Long Tail Pro:

It is one of the tools that provide quick data among the present research tools. It also provides a competitive score as an advantage.


It claims to be the best in the market, with high speed and works without bugs or crashes.

Moz Keyword Explorer:

It is presented in the market by Moz Pro which offers a wide variety of SEO tools.

Competitor based:


It is prominent among the SEO professionals and the community of SEOs.


It is a traditional as well as a competitor based tool. It was primarily used for backlink analysis and then turned out to be one of the Best keyword research tools.


It is an all-in-one package and not limited only to keyword research. It is totally new in the market but is already been used in the market extensively.

Best Keyword Research Tool:

The above approaches define the type of tool required for the keyword research. So, let us look at which tool is required specifically. For this, there are certain qualities and features that are required:

Suggestions This is so evident and obvious. It must provide a huge number of suggestions in relation to other tools comparatively. It should provide the maximum suggestions, which shows a tool to be best used.

Significance The words presented must be highly relevant to the basic word entered. Some tools may just present random words which may be less appropriate for the word entered.

Filtering – It must be helpful in refining the required keyword out of the results provided.

Limitations A good research tool must provide an optimistic limitation in its usage. It is a known fact that the number of times the research could be done is limited. But it should be at the maximum and a positive buyer of a tool always opts for the tool that provides a high margin on the usage.

Search quantum trend  The number of people who have searched for the same keyword must be shown separately. This is called as Search volume trend. It depends on the period, variability and popularity of the word searched.

Low competition keywords As mentioned earlier, keyword difficulty helps in arriving at such type of words which is least common and used less. This helps in a unique way of a presentation by the researcher.

Analysis of SERP SERP is expanded as Search Engine Result Page. The SERP analysis provides the SEO professionals with the links and URL’s for the keyword entered, in a systematic form of presentation based on the ranking advantages and signals of the keywords.

Speed – It must be speedy and should not be slow. This is most important when the keyword research is done in high quantum.

Some of the Best Keyword Research Tools are Google Ad words, Long tail Pro, KW Finder, SE Cockpit, Ahrefs, etc.


The possible buyer could buy the Best Keyword Research Tool depending on the above features with regard to price, quality and period of usage. So, a good Keyword Research tool helps in generating the best keywords required for multiplying the web traffic with a good ranking of the website and extensive investment return.