The Best Cleaner For Your Glasses

The Best Cleaner For Your Glasses

If you can observe the minute details of this world, then consider yourself incredibly blessed because there exists a large fraction of people with weak eyesight, who cannot appreciate the beauty of the world without the help of eyeglasses. This may not sound a big deal to many people but the need of wearing glasses all the time can be quite cumbersome because of the many challenges this situation presents. One of the most annoying issues with wearing glasses is that you have to keep them ultra-clean all the time because the clarity of your vision depends on the cleanliness of the lenses.

Keeping them clean can prove to be an uphill struggle and the recent coronavirus pandemic has further aggravated the situation for bespectacled people. This is because wearing masks with glasses produces a plume of fog while breathing, which gets coated on both the insides and outsides of the lenses. As a result, many people have been looking for ways to stop face masks from fogging up their glasses. We have discussed here some top cleaners for your glasses, and have also chosen our favorite so that you do not have to look at the world through dirty glasses.

  1. Zipwax Anti Fog Cleaner:

Zipwax Anti Fog Cleaner has received rave reviews from most of its customers and has been chosen as the best product under 20 dollars on Reddit. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that this cleaner has topped our list as well.  It is a glass wax that is perfectly suited to clean glasses, sunglasses, helmet covers, swimming goggles, and other similar items. Moreover, if you apply this cleaner on the screens of your phones or tablets, it will prevent the fingerprints, dirt particles, and oil from adhering to their surfaces.  Zipwax Anti Fog cleaner’s only flaw is its inability to remove scratches, but it compensates for this shortcoming by filling up those scratches and makes you feel as if you are looking through a sparkling clean pair of lenses.

  1. Lightsmax Eye Glass Cleaner:

This cleaner houses an innovative and incredibly effective carbon microfiber technology that extends its utility in cleaning all kinds of glasses. Moreover, it has a substance-free dry-clean technology that is also used by NASA to clean glasses in space. Also, it does not have any chemicals that can damage the top coating of the lens, which makes it safe to use for both designer and non-designer glasses.

  1. Koala Eyeglass Lens Cleaner:

Koala Eye Glass Cleaner is another fantastic solvent to clean your glasses, and it also comes with specially designed Koala cloths that contain thousands of microfibers. It is 100 percent ammonia and alcohol-free and can be used to clean lenses with all types of coatings including anti-reflective and blue light coatings. However, its use is not limited to eyeglasses as it can also be used to clean various types of screen-embedded electronics.

  1. iSonic D3800A Cleaner:

If you are worried about using solvents to clean your glasses because of the potential presence of various toxic chemicals, then iSonic D3800 provides the perfect solution to your problem. It is electrically powered and produces a powerful 42000 HZ pulse to clean your glasses. There is no doubt that it is expensive as compared to other cleaners, but we can assure you that it is worth every penny.