Which Smart Home Device is Best?

Which Smart Home Device is Best

As practice shows, the concept ‘smart home’ has begun an active development during which it faced many problems. But nevertheless, thanks to the latest developments in the area of computer and information technologies, it has become quite possible to create a good smart home. It is a unique human environment that operates on the basis of a unique smart home technology that allows you to achieve a comfortable life and safety.

It is important to mention that smart home technology easily realizes the above goals by creating an environment that includes some home automation systems. There are four basic types of such systems: applications, lighting, and climate control (haussteuerung); communication system; entertainment system; security system. These systems are usually characterized by diverse solutions based on supporting programs. Thus, various devices are acceptable for different smart home systems. In this article, we want to consider the most essential smart home devices. If you will decide to buy a new kit of smart gadgets, visit the online platform 4prototypes since it is one of the most reliable companies today. The cost of top products is quite affordable there.

Most Popular Smart Home Devices

The following smart home gadgets are comprised in the rating of the most popular latest appliances:

  1. Local electricity consumption controller. Some electrical household devices continue to expend energy in standby mode, and sometimes even when they are switched off. Such ‘phantom loads’ are connected with the most modern household appliances (for example, televisions, computers) that use electricity. A local energy meter can help you identify energy thieves in your electricity nest. You may buy it on the website 4prototypes;

  2. Bluetooth hydrometer. The hydrometer reviews the level of humidity and air temperature in your home. Comfortable temperature in the living room –21 °С, in the bedroom –18 °С. The humidity level should be in the range from 40 to 60%. Choose the best hydrometer on the online platform 4prototypes;

  3. Infrared thermometer. With this handheld tool, you can learn about so-called ‘cold bridges’, for example, areas around windows and doors and other places where your home is losing heat. An infrared thermometer can do this by detecting thermal radiation from the measured object, and calculate the temperature of this radiation;

  4. Water-saving device. Do you know that when you open the tap for only 3 minutes, about 45 liters of water flows into the sewer? By installing water-saving devices, you not only save the environment but also money;

  5. Wifi motion sensor for light bulbs. If you enter or leave some rooms (for example, corridors, stairs) very often, it is worth considering the acquisition of a motion sensor. The use of this device gives both environmental and energy-saving effect. So, this smart home device is rated as one of the best today. 4prototypes offers you a wide selection of such devices.

So, in this article, we told you about the most popular gadgets for the smart house, as well as about the device, which is considered the best today.