Triathlon- The Real Test Of Your Endurance And Stamina

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Triathlon is a sport which is physically challenging, but highly rewarding at the same time. It has gained a huge popularity these days as a benchmark of one’s stamina, endurance and mental strength.

The three sporting activities that usually form a part of triathlon are running, swimming, and cycling. Further, there are three distinct kinds of triathlon, each with different distances between the 3 variations. The three types of triathlons are:


  1. Sprint distance triathlons: These triathlons cover short distances, and are therefore, considered appropriate for learners.
  2. Olympic separation triathlons: These triathlons are the most common and are highly popular among international players.
  3. Ironman triathlons: These triathlons are considered as an ultimate physical test and are not suggested for beginners.

After you are clear about what kind of triathlon you want to engage in, it is imperative to prepare for it in a proper manner. Unwavering motivation is an extremely critical element of productive training. Each runner is expected to undergo extended periods of preparation to push through the last miles on the final race day. Irrespective of your reason to participate in a triathlon, clutch that motivation and success will definitely follow.

Defining clear objectives is likewise essential. Objectives ought to be sufficiently achievable to keep you motivated. Sadly, a lot of people rapidly wear out and never make it to race day. It is suggested to set small goals in the beginning and then move gradually towards more demanding goals in order to prepare in the best manner while boosting your self-confidence.

You must also keep in mind that each triathlon requires a different type of training. Running miles and miles in anticipation of performing well in swimming will just build the risk of injuries and can also lead to disappointment. Make sense of precisely what should be doing to get your body fit for the event.

Indeed, even a novice competitor can train successfully for a triathlon. All that is required is a gradual increase in intensity. You must also test your body as often as possible. This will ensure that your body is improving with each exercise session, which will also go far in keeping you inspired.

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Unlike other sports, the concept of triathlon is itself very flexible which prevents dullness from setting in. But, it is still suggested to keep variation alive in training. Do not plan to run, swim, and cycle in every session. Make some changes in your training schedule to forestall weariness and conquer fatigue.

Additionally, it is vital to fuel your body in a proper manner to keep it ready for this sort of challenging training. Appropriate nourishment and hydration are significant not only for enduring the long training sessions, but also to get through the competition without any health hazard.

Furthermore, a sensible training routine must also incorporate planned rest and recuperation days. It is seen that new triathlon runners generally over train in excitement. This causes undue pressure on the body leading to exhaustion, and also increases the risk of injuries and wounds. You must realise that rest is also a fundamental part of training, and keeping a day away from workout every week won’t reverse all the advancement made till that point. You must keep days in between training where no physical action is performed. Amid rest periods, focus on doing something to support the body that has been buckling down consistently. Get a massage, go for spas, sleep, or enjoy some light action that relaxes your body.

It is also worth mentioning that triathlon runners are expected to arrange for their own supplies such as swimming costume, running shoes, goggles, a bike, helmet and also a triathlon watch. One must opt for good quality shoes and clothing as these are important things that will help you sail through the marathon in a comfortable manner. Alongside, you must also know about some best triathlon watches which can help keep a track of your timing in the most accurate manner. These watches go far in helping you measure distance, speed, your heart rate and altitude correctly. Plus, they are also enabled with GPS so that you never lose your track!