What is bone marrow cancer? What are the treatment options?

bone marrow cancer

Bone marrow is flexible tissue found in the interior of bones. It mainly exists in two different forms. They are yellow and red. Both kinds of bone marrow have several blood vessels and capillaries. The red one gets converted into yellow with the passage of time. In the flat bones, we can locate the red bone marrow. The yellow ones are found in hollow interior of middle region of bones.  Bone marrow cancer is the cancer of bone marrow which is fairly common cancer starting from the bone marrow. It leads to bone tumor, and thus it is also addressed as multiple myeloma. Leukemia is another kind of cancer disease starting from the bone marrow. At times cancer starts in lymph nodes leading to lymphomas.

The symptoms and characteristics of bone marrow disease

Inside the hollow region of certain bones there is this soft gelatinuous material known as bone marrow. It may be mostly located in the longer bones, in the hip bone and the breast bone. Basically it is the bone marrow which produces hematopoietic cells that are referred to as RBC, WBC and platelets. The disease in bone marrow will reduce the production of Red Blood Cells, platelets and white blood cells. Various kinds of diseases relate to bone marrow right from anemia to cancer. The disease is such that it affects the production of Red Blood Cells and different blood cells. The following are some of the symptoms of disease in the bone marrow:

  • If there is acute pain in the joints and bones, it suggests cancer in bone marrow
  • Anemia is the first and foremost symptom. When one suffers from anemia, the count of Red Blood Cells reduces to a great extent. The patient becomes pale due to this.
  • swelling or enlargement of internal organs like liver and spleen are the symptoms
  • respiratory infection during bone cancer disease is pretty common

The important treatment options

There are a range of treatment options. What treatment works for you is dependent on your condition. The treatment aims to restore the functioning of bone marrow. In order to attain this, a patient needs good support. Support must be coupled with certain definitive therapies:

  • Cellular blood transfusion is needed as the hemoglobin is low in the blood. With the transfusion of RBC, the hemoglobin in the blood shoots up.
  • Every attempt must be made to avoid viral infection. It is important for a patient to avoid places that are crowded. Make sure you always wash your hands before eating
  • platelet transfusion is required when the level of platelet moves down
  • the patient must be given folic acid and iron supplements
  • It is important to administer immunosuppressive drugs to treat aplastic anemia. If the patient fails at bone marrow transplant, immunosuppressive drugs restore bone marrow
  • The best treatment would be the transplant of bone marrow if the patient is below 20 years old.
  • There are several herbs that can help in the treatment of anemia and they are green tea, olive, turmeric, to restore the cells of bone marrow. They may help to cure diseases relating to bone marrow.

Is bone marrow transplantation the best treatment?

BMT or bone marrow transplant is the procedure of introducing healthy stem cells into the damaged bone marrow. BMT is the best way of bringing the disease under control.

The result of BMT relies on the other health conditions the patient suffers from.

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