Rubina Dilaik’s New ‘Kinnar’ Look is Out!

Rubina Dilaik's New 'Kinnar' Look is Out!

Rubina Dilaik is one TV personality who is making eyebrows go happening and heads approach these days. It is for the role of transgender that the actress is playing upon TV.
A new promo has been on air showing the old Kinnar (the saya) is dragging soumya to their world and breaking off her mangalsutra and changing her look.

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After everyone got to know that this gorgeous lady is potraying character of Kinnar- the role that no one has ever tried on the subject of television, in a recent interview to an entertainment website, she reveals how her mother reacted about this.

Rubina said that her mother was shocked but liked her role. She was quoted by the entertainment website as saying, “My mother was not aware of my character on the show. I did not tell anyone about the twist. They saw it on air and were shocked. My mom asked me if I knew about the twist. I then told her that I was very much kept in the loop about the track from before.” She further added, “Now that the track has progressed further and there is more clarity to it, my mother is liking the track now.”

It is basically like not the viewers but her mother too was in shock.