Preparing for Labor? Things you Should Keep in Mind


The question “are you prepared to face the big bay?” will be valid to all those who are reading this article. Pregnancy is the most important phase of any woman’s life and the kind of things that go through your mind has no limits. But science has time and again proved that having a healthy mind and body is important for a healthy pregnancy. Few days, there was news doing rounds that pregnant women are having fears about labor. To understand this better, I visited one the maternity clinic near me to talk to pregnant women and what is their thought about labor. Surprisingly, most of them are not aware of what will happen during labor. It is not just delivery of the baby, it is not an operation where the doctors operate you to take the little one out of you, but in fact, it is more than that. One statistics show that women who were prepared for labor had higher chances of natural delivery.

woman Pregnancy life Here are of the points you do follow and remember while you are in your labor phase:

1. It is always advised to reduce or limit the amount of travel you need to make during this phase. As you near your labor period, your body is becoming delicate as the baby is growing and ready to see the world. Traveling extensively will bring in vibration and the slightest movements can cause discomfort for the child. There are a lot of stories of child delivery which has happened during travel.

2. Pack your thing in advance a week before. Right from your clothes to napkins for the baby everything should be packed and be ready before you head out to the maternity hospital.

3. Most of the maternity clinics near me advised we stay near to the hospital in case of natural labor. This is to avoid the last minute hassles.

4. Do not have sleepless nights thinking of your labor. The fact is, your body is made to undergo labor and it is completely natural.


Some of the above points will help you have peace of mind during your labor. Most importantly it is very important to understand the signs your body is showing and inform your doctor if you feel it is making you feel uncomfortable. You will start to experience slight pain and this is generally farmed as a sign of labor. This pain will vary from person to person and for some, this could be extreme. Believe in yourself and have no fears during labor. All you have to expect us a few minutes of struggle and a life full of joy.