How to Make Your Business Trip Go Smoothly

How to Make Your Business Trip Go Smoothly

When traveling for business, you want to ensure that your trip is successful. If you leave things to chance, however, your trip may not be the piece of cake you were hoping for.

There are ways that you can be proactive before and during your trip that help raise your chances of a successful business trip exponentially.

Here they are:

1. Book Only Non-Stop Flights

The worst thing to happen to anyone while flying to a destination is getting stuck in their layover city. If your original flight is delayed, you can potentially miss your connecting flight.

If the connecting flight is delayed, you have two choices. If the delay is extensive, you may need to find a hotel for the night or find something outside of the airport to kill time.

If your delay is only a couple of hours, you can just wait at the airport, which isn’t fun.

You may be thinking that a delayed flight isn’t the end of the world; you’re right. However, if you have a full itinerary for your business trip, this delay can cause even more trouble.

You may potentially miss some of your appointments or critical events. Make things easy on yourself and book non-stop flights.

2. Download All Paperwork

Another big disaster that could potentially occur during travel is the loss of your baggage. If this happens, you could have also lost some critical papers essential for your trip.

Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to you, but there is a simple way to fix the issue if it does. Downloading all paperwork to your phone before you leave can give you access to these important documents even if the hard copy gets lost.

Make Your Business Trip Go Smoothly

Another useful thing to download to your phone is any Google Maps you will need on the trip. Make sure that you make them available offline if you are in an area without internet access.

If you are going overseas, take a picture of your passport. You never know when this will save you so much bureaucratic headache.

3. Leave Some Wiggle Room

Instead of packing as much as you can into one weekend trip, you shouldn’t overload your schedule.

Make sure that you have plenty of time between one appointment to another so that even if some mishaps arise, you won’t be late.

Some professionals even arrive a day early and leave a day late from all their business trips to give themselves extra time to prepare or extra time to get something done that they weren’t able to complete.

4. Be a Packing Genius

When you are making a trip that is crucial to go off without a hitch, the way you pack can make or break it.

The first step to packing right is using the right bag. You want to choose a bag that is lightweight and has a handle with rollers on the bottom.

It also helps to choose a size that fits into the overhead bin in the airplane that you can bring as a carry-on, so you don’t have to worry about lost luggage.

Make sure that you are aware of the weather you will be facing at your destination and pack accordingly.

Pack light but don’t forget the essentials. You can use this guide from Hotel Engine as a reference to ensure that you’re prepared for your trip.

5. Stay at the Best Hotel

The quality of your stay can greatly be dependent on the quality of your lodging. Consider all the benefits that come with a luxurious hotel stay.

You will have a much better night’s rest sleeping in a quiet environment with a plush bed and comfy pillows.

You will never need to worry about a good wifi connection to complete essential tasks in between events.

You will have access to delicious breakfast and coffee in the morning to start your day off right and top-notch customer service to fill any other needs that may come up.


These tips can help ensure that you curtail any disaster (within your power) from occurring during your business travels. All in all, your business trip should not only be productive, but enjoyable as well.