5 Ways To Boost Your Business Website

5 Ways To Boost Your Business Website

A business website that doesn’t get any traffic may as well not even exist.  Visibility is everything in the digital world, and your business website doesn’t have a chance without great rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

If your traffic patterns on your website leave something to be desired, there are a few things you should take the time to evaluate.  Check out a brief look at some of the best ways to boost your business website, and consider where some things might need to change within your own design.

Make your Site Mobile Ready

Mobile optimization is a big part of gaining visibility online.  If your site isn’t built to serve the majority of users online, you’re selling yourself and your audience short.

People use mobile devices to scour the web for information, and they won’t see your pages first without the mobile stamp of approval by the search engines.  Consider the mobile-readiness of your website, and make changes to boost its adaptability today. 

Add Social Media Sharing Icons

Social media is a hub for marketing and communications online. Making your web pages shareable will build a bridge between the hustle and bustle of social media and your business.

Add social media sharing icons in likely places throughout your design.  This site for an assisted living facility for seniors planted their sharing icons at the bottom of the display.

Some choose to place them at the top of their pages, but don’t stop there.  Add sharing icons to your blog posts and your contact page for maximum sharing capabilities.

Invest in Paid Digital Advertising

Don’t sit around questioning whether or not paid digital marketing is worth the investment; it is.  Social media sites are excellent marketing facilitators, and paid ranking spaces on Google place your pages at the front of the line.

If your goal is true visibility, investing in some quality pay-per-click advertising could serve as the stepping stone you need to get to the top.

Use the right Terms and Phrases

Using the right keywords and phrases within the text of your website design is vital to achieving good visibility online.

Search engines sort results entries by sifting through the content on your pages at lightning speed.  Using the right terms and phrases within the text of your design will help make identification easier for the search bots and improve your SERP rankings

Add a Blog to your Website Design

Adding a blog to your website gives web users more to explore. blog also gives your business more opportunities to be seen.  Write blog posts that educate users about the industry, and you’ll draw more reader traffic to your pages.