Music For Pregnant Women: Is There A Real Connection?

Music For Pregnant Women: Is There A Real Connection

The uterus or womb is a kind of sensory playground, so there are a lot of rumors going that music for pregnant women has some effects on the baby growing inside that womb! However, this has still baffled the researchers, resulting in many studies conducted to find out the true impact of music on the unborn babies.

Who knows? Music probably offers your baby the basic learning experience even while being in your uterus. Simply takes through every nuance of enjoying music while you’re carrying your baby inside. Before that, learn with us whether the sound for pregnant women really influences your babies or not.

Does music for pregnant women affect your baby development?

While the baby is inside your womb, there’s a lot of things going on inside it. After your baby turns to 10 weeks old, he tends to stretch and wriggle the limbs pretty much. By 23 weeks, the baby can hear your voice and other sounds, and he can respond to them, too. And more surprisingly, these happenings could support the general development process of the baby.

Besides, music can have a big influence not just on your unborn baby but also you. How come? During the study, some women were required to hear Carnatic music for 20 minutes per day.

After this period passes by, there was a test conducted by researchers to explore if there was any change in all of the baby’s responses and other growth parameters. As a result, from boosting reflexes, the movement to mental stimulation, music is stated to own a calming effect on the pregnant mother and her baby as well.

Will music makes your baby smarter?

Several folks have agreed that playing music for pregnant women will help their baby smarter. Therefore, a lot of people decide to invest in a pair of headphone or a powered bookshelf speaker for fetal stimulation. Be careful, try to keep the volume below 50 decibels (dB), which is a good way to relax and feel the most positive.

Also, selecting the proper music is highly crucial here. Out of many genres, classical music is known to soothe the baby well and turn him into a classic lover later in the future.

Standing in front of this opinion, there are people who believe that bringing their baby close to music while being in the uterus is a great way to boost his smartness degree.

Lately, Glenn Schellenberg at the University of Toronto has displayed that enjoying music can increase a kid’s IQ. At the same time, Krista L. Hyde from McGill University has also shown how music lessons can change the structure of a brain. As you see, more and more, music for pregnant women shows up to be all-in-one workout tool in the weight room of your baby’s head.

How to play music for pregnant women?

The best way to play music for baby is using a bookshelf speaker. For those who intend to put headphones on your tummy, please stop doing that because as the music is too much close, your baby could be overstimulated.

Exposing the little unborn one to a highly loud sound is recognized as a risky action, especially when it could cause premature birth. Worse than that, this even lead to some specific health complications, from low birthweight to other hearing impairments at the time of birth.

When it comes to music for pregnant women, how loud is enough? First of all, it’s not good to increase the volume on your player higher than 65 decibels or make it the same as the background music you usually hear at the store. Doing so not only surprises your baby but also hurts them at times.

But what if you must be hearing music for a longer period? It’s suggested to maintain the volume at 50 decibels or below it. And as we said above, choosing the correct type of music plays an essential part for the whole baby development process. The best genre of music for pregnant women is always classical music since it can give your baby a wide range of notes and makes the most beautiful melodies ever.

Try not to play harsh sounds such as rock music, rap, and other heavy genres because doing so will make your baby more stressful and anxious even in the womb. Worse than this, a few studies which have been conducted on the animals have proven that these irritating music types are the most likely to influence badly the fetus’s brain growth.


Music for pregnant women not only gives a great number of benefits to your unborn baby (brain stimulation) but also helps relax your mind. Your stress hormones and some possible risks (premature birth or miscarriages) will be lowered remarkably as well. What can be better than that?

Don’t hesitate to share such a wonderful experience with your baby on the journey as a mother by putting some tunes and having fun! Thank you for reading!