Best Tuning Forks for Healing

Best Tuning Forks for Healing

Sound has become an integral part of the therapeutic method. Embellishing the inner peace and assisting in balancing the inner energy.  As Albert Einstein said;

Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.

The vibration of the sound is a source of energy. It has the essence of keeping the human’s mind and soul within the ambit of perfect aura. Simultaneously, the agitation produced from unnecessary negative vibe can be eradicated.

Similarly, tuning forks can be portrayed as an instrument for bringing the energy balance. Primarily, tuning forks were used for tuning musical instruments. Now they have been introduced as healing medication in the medical profession as well.

To avoid a sense of discomfort, fear or even anxiety, tuning forks can be of great use. For that very purpose, you must seek the best tuning forks for healing.

How Best Tuning Forks for Healing are Beneficial?

Some people do not easily tend to buy whatever they see on the internet. That is very prudent of them. But in times like these, where mental health issues are emerging day by day, purchasing a tuning fork can be a great help.

To spread the awareness about a therapeutic method using sound, we have illustrated the benefits of the best tuning forks for healing.

The Rinne Test

Doctors prefer using tuning forks to test the hearing loss of a person. This method is commonly known as the Rinne Test. In this method, the doctor places a humming tuning fork near the patient’s skull. With the help of stopwatch, it is analyzed by evaluating how long the patient could hear it. The other way to test is, if the patient could feel the fork through his jaws more than through his ear, then he definitely has a hearing problem.

Identifying Fractured Bones

If the doctors run short on x-rays supplies then tuning forks can be used for identifying the fractured bones. Doctors simply strike the fork and place the vibrating tool near the injured areas. Consequently, the frequency of the tuning fork leads in determining the status of the bone.

Sound Therapy

We all have an auric field around our personalities which can get disturbed when some negative force or a person trespasses it. Afterward, you can feel a certain kind of uneasiness. Let us tell you, why? The soul exists in the form of energy and it keeps emitting vibrations. So when a person or a negative force infringes its pattern results into a sense of imbalance.

Similarly, a tuning fork emits vibrations. Furthermore, its sound waves have the ability to restore that imbalance in the body’s chakras, providing relaxation as a result. So, these tuning forks are best for sound therapy which will keep your nervous system and organs in harmony.

After being aware of all the benefits, if you want to endorse a tuning fork, let us introduce to you the best tuning forks for healing.

1. QIYUN Tuning Fork

Delivering clear tone, longer sound, and longer tuning, the QIYUN Tuning Fork helps in reducing stress. Moreover, it assists in relieving joint pain and stiffness. With the help of 528 Hz tuning fork, harmonize your energy field and indulge yourself into exceptional meditation and relaxation.

This product is composed of high-grade aluminum which makes it durable for a long time. In addition, to make it much convenient for the customers, a bag and cleaning cloth comes along with QIYUN Tuning Fork.


The OM TUNING FORK 136.10HZ is like an amplifier for all the other tuning forks. It is of great assistance to keep balance in both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It creates a complete resonance that is essential to get you on tracked when it is a matter of distracting focus.

With the help of this tuning for with 136.10 Hz frequency, you can immediately boost your energy. By simply placing this tuning fork on your joints, muscles or nerves, you shall feel the stress leaving your body.


The SOLFEGGIO TUNING FORKS has great significance around the globe. They come in a set of 9 tuning forks which comprises of 3 missing notes in the sacred frequencies known as the Secret Solfeggio. This unique sound frequency has been originated from Ancient Gregorian Chants.

As far as the healing process is concerned, these tuning forks even repair DNA through their varying frequencies.


To avail the peace of mind and body muscles, tuning forks have been used for years. Certainly, they have been a breakthrough in the history of medicine. Eradicating stress and muscle pain, the best tuning forks for healing are used. Hence, if you are looking for a harmless procedure to relax, this article will surely assist in that perspective.