Movies to Watch with your Partner on a Date Night

Movies to Watch with your Partner on a Date Night

Who does not want to cozy up with their partner sometimes on a late Saturday night and watch a lovely romantic movie encased in their hug. Let us have a look at some of the movies that you can watch on an in-house date night.

1. Date Night -(2010)

True to its name, the movie revolves around a couple who out of boredom decides to go out and have a romantic date night. The night takes a hilarious turn when a case of mistaken identity forces them to be on the run from some people who are he!! bent on hurting them. This funny tale of hide and seek will keep you on your toes the whole time, well not literally! But this is one funny story that you will definitely love to watch with your loved one.

  1. Me Before You -(2016)

An emotional and soulful movie, Me Before You is a heart wrenching movie. The movie revolves around the lives of William Traynor (Sam Claflin) and Louisa Clarke (Emilia Clarke). While Louisa is a cheerful woman who talks non-stop, Will Traynor is depressed after an accident made him paralyzed from neck down and is in a wheel chair. Â He wants to commit physician-assisted suicide while Louisa tries to change his mind. This beautiful love story will leave you speechless. Make sure you have tissues ready when you play this movie for the night. You will need loads of that.

  1. My Best Friend’s Wedding -(1997)

The movie is based on two childhood best friends -Julianne and Michael. When Michael informs Julianne about his upcoming wedding, she suddenly realizes that she is in love with him. So she flies down for his wedding, well to ruin it to be precise. What follows is a funny tale of how love can make you do things you would never imagine you could do.

4. 50 First Dates -(2004)

The movie revolves around Henry Roth and Lucy Whitmore. Henry was a playboy before meeting Lucy. Lucy suffers from a memory disorder due to which she forgets everything that happens the previous day which unfortunately also includes Henry. He is head over heels in love with her and hence tries to keep finding new ways to introduce himself to her every new day again. The movies is humorous and funny in its own way. The things one does when they are in love with someone is depicted beautifully in this movie.

  1. The Notebook -(2004)

Well, you have got to be living under a rock if you have not watched this piece already. It revolves around Allie and Noah who come from totally different socio-economic backgrounds. While Allie wealthy, Noah comes from a poor family. How they make their love tale work is the thing you should watch this one for. They grow apart and they come back together proving that true love conquers all.

So grab those popcorn and blankets to cozy up with your partner on a date night and out these movies on. You sure would not regret it.

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