Best Canadian TV Shows That You Should Watch

Best Canadian TV Shows That You Should Watch

At the thought of North American television, many people would always have Hollywood in mind. But have you ever known that Canada also got a growing TV industry? Even though there are a few hit Canadian TV shows, there are some that are worth watching. You may find yourself being addicted to some of these Canadian TV shows.

The population of Canada is higher than even that of the state of California but it still serves as a source of great television shows. Did you know that some of the shows in Canada may give Hollywood a run for its money? I know that sounds a bit sarcastic, but wait until you watch some of the shows that I will highlight for you in this article.

People are different! You will not always like what I like – fact! Preferences, choices, and opinions are unique among people. On matters of entertainment, there are people who will remain indoors just to commit their time to their favorite television shows. There are a variety of TV shows, with some that may fit the same gender.

In this decade, we have some of the most amazing Canadian TV shows that you may have watched already. In this article, I give you a list of the best Canadian shows. Probably you have been contemplating about moving or living in Canada, this shows need to be top in your list. These television shows are amazing and of the current days.

Let us have a look at the top 10 Canadian TV shows.

  1. Clone High

This show is a one-season wonder directed by Bill Lawrence. At the start, this show was a partnership between Canada and the US. But later, this show became fully Canadian after the US partner quit. The clone high is one of the amazing TV shows probably due to the fact that it includes an American creator.

  1. Intelligence

The TV show intelligence is one that was created by Chris Haddock. This hair focuses on drug trafficking, moral ambitious and politics. The show is among the most ambitious and fantastic Canadian movies of all time. This show was watched and liked by a lot of people for many years in Canada

  1. Heartland

Heartland is an interesting drama series, a Canadian family that needs to be top in your list. This is especially the best if you are that person who likes watching those scripted drama series which run for long. This series premiered in 2007, it had its 10th series from late 2016. This Canadian family series is based on the Heartland book by Lauren Brooke which talked about life on the ranch. This TV show is filmed in high river, a distance of 34 miles to the south of downtown Calgary. You can watch Heartland online free if you want to know more about it.

  1. Orphan Black

This is a captivating and a TV show that has won many awards and recognition. Orphan Black is one of the most entertaining TV shows that has become very popular in Canada. This TV show is enjoyed by many people; each episode involves various clones.

  1. Rookie Blue

This show was on television from 2010 to 2015, this TV show was set and filmed in Toronto. This show was loved by a lot of people because it involves romance, promotions, action, and heartbreak throughout all the six seasons.

  1. Trailer Park Boys

This show the trailer Park Boys is a combination of eleven seasons. It is a mockumentary TV show about 3 Canadian men that lived in a Trailer Park in Nova Scotia. This show is hilarious and follows the misadventures of the three men as they make an effort to make a living while involving themselves in crimes.

  1. Bellevue

This is a very new Canadian show that fits all genders, it is filmed in Montreal. In the show, Anna Paquin acts as a detective and is in the search for a missing transgender teen. Its first season premiered in early 2017. The intense nature of the detective clashes with the do-gooders within her hometown.

  1. Continuum

Continuum is a science fiction series based in Vancouver. It talks on a group of rebels and one cop sent back in time through 2077 to 2012. Rachel Nichols is the American actress that serves as the cop tries to stop the rebels from killing corporations that in her future would rule the world. This show is a fiction movie, that would surely entertain you especially if you like fiction movies or series.

  1. Saving Hope

This is a series that currently airs its final season. It’s a show that you should not miss, a supernatural medical drama television show. It is a show that revolves around the lives of nurses and doctors when working at Hope Zion Hospital in Toronto. The side of the story is about a man who goes in a coma at the start of the series but walks around as a spirit.

  1. Motive

This show is set and filmed in Vancouver. The motive show is unique and you will like it, especially for the fact that each episode is different. At the start of each episode, you will get to know the killer and the victim in cases of murder. The concept of being unique makes it different from the cop drama series.

In conclusion, the list of the best TV shows in Canada is long. Canada has a lot of fascinating television shows that you need to consider committing your time to get some entertainment from. You should consider, watching the above-recommended shows since they will be sure to satisfy your entertainment needs. There are also many other that you can find but these are probably the best that you have to start with.

If you are looking for something to watch with your movie partner or just alone then definitely these are the best. You can watch them online for free if you don’t want to hustle around with stacks of DVDs. Just make sure that you find the right website that streams media content without exposing your device to virus or other malware.