An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Period Products

Eco-Friendly Period Products

When it comes to periods, it is crucial to decide on the type of products during menstruation. Many women may choose to opt for standard tampons or sanitary pads as they are readily available.

However, these products are reported to be harmful to the environment as they are not recyclable and just sit in landfills. It’s even worse when you realize that standard tampons and pads contain harmful chemicals that end up polluting or contaminating our waters. And considering the average woman throws away 250-300 pounds of pads, plugs, and applicators in their lifetime, this is a serious issue to address immediately.

Thankfully, there are a handful of eco-friendly alternatives that you can choose for a safe and healthy period.

1.  Menstrual Cups

Menstrual Cups

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These days, menstrual are the eco-friendly alternatives to tampons and sanitary pads that are rising in popularity even as we speak. The ones made by top brands such as Diva Cup, Lunette and Iris Cup are comprised of medicine-graded silicone that fits comfortably like a tampon without any sensations and is approved by the FDA.

Because it is non-absorbent, it does not stain your clothes as well as leak out any embarrassing odors. They also have a longer shelf-life than tampons and pads and cut down on a lot of waste.

Women of any age, whether they have given birth or not, can find an appropriate cup for the occasion. And because they can be inserted and removed with the greatest of ease, women can resume their daily activities without being hindered by their period and sleep all night with it if they want to.

2.  Non-Chemical Cotton Pads and Tampons

Non-Applicator Tampons

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To lessen your exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins, it would do you a world of good to switch over to an all-natural solution in the form of cotton pads and tampons. One of the best brands that supply these kinds of products is Veeda.

Veeda’s products are revered because they contain virtually no dyes, chemicals or synthetics. Their tampons and liners are sold in a recyclable cardboard box and their pads are wrapped in a biodegradable wrap known as a Biofilm, that breaks down after 6 to 12 months.

Veeda’s tampons are made from BPA-free plastic that minimize the impact they have on the environment. And since they are made of cotton, they offer a great deal of comfort than commercial products as well as have excellent absorption levels.

3.  Period Panties

Period Panties

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If inserting objects don’t do it for you, then period “panties” are the next best thing for you. And fortunately, there are a handful of period panty brands that you can try out, but Thinx and Lunapads are often the most talked about names out there. The underwear from these brands are super-absorbent that can catch your flow and no additional product is required. You can also look into the Period Panteez review here.

The only downside to these underwears is that they’re expensive and depending on your flow, you may have to change several pairs during your cycle and make time for washing and drying. Still, they are very comfortable and easy to use, which are good enough for a pleasant menstrual experience.

4.  Reusable Pads

Reusable Pads

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We are all aware of disposable non-biodegradable sanitary pads that end up at landfills and dispel dangerous chemicals that seep into our waters. But there is a safer alternative in reusable pads.

Like regular pads, you simply put them in your underwear and they absorb your flow, only instead of tossing them away after they are ready to be changed, you can wash them with cold water and then add them into your laundry cycle.

Gladrags is a popular reusable pad brand, but you can also get plenty of colors, sizes, and designs from Etsy.

5.  Non-Applicator Tampons

Non-Chemical Cotton Pads and Tampons

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If you’re looking for something that you’re familiar with but still want to protect the environment, then have a go with non-applicator tampons. Fortunately, you can find these tampons at most drug stores.

As the name suggests, these tampons do not have an applicator and can be inserted simply by using your fingers. Doing this, you will also be creating less waste than you would with a regular tampon.