Candid Photography Vs Traditional Wedding Photography: Which one is best?


Weddings in India are one of the most fabled events. Every couple wants to capture their once in a lifetime experience in the most astonishing way so they can relive it again and again. In the last few years, the term candid photography has generated a lot of buzz among the millennial couples. Candid photography is all about capturing the random moments of people who are completely unaware of having their pictures taken.

Even though candid photography is high in trend, there is still a huge chunk of audience who prefers traditional style photography.  Often people debate over which style of photography is best?  You will find the audience for both candid photography and traditional style photography. Let’s compare how these photography styles are different from each other and then you have to decide which one suits your taste.

1.    The Difference in Picture Quality


Traditional – In this style of photography, you will find the pictures quite simple and plain. One of the setbacks of traditional style photography is the overdose of flash and external light.

Candid – As we know candid photographs are taken spontaneously, it brings the perfect blend of realism and spontaneity in the photographs. When the photographs are taken without the knowledge of the subject, they convey the true emotion and give the candid photographers an opportunity to showcase the best features. So the picture quality is unrivaled.

  1. Storytelling

The Storyteller

Traditional – There are millions and billions of moments at a typical wedding. Traditional photographers only capture the key phases of the events occur at various stages of the wedding. The outcome of traditional photography is a beautiful and well-framed album with no story to tell. People love to read and listen about stories. Your family, friends, and colleagues do want to know how your love story started and how far you have come and what’s better than a wedding album weaved with your love story?

Candid – How to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding and present them in form attention-grabbing story is an art that professional candid wedding photographers in Bangalore have mastery over. An expert candid photographer knows how to capture your precious moments and fabricate a heart-touching story around them.  A candid photographer not only narrates your story through photographs but also ensure every time you watch the pictures in future, you get filled with nostalgia.

3.    Technicalities


Traditional – When it comes to traditional photography, there is a very smidgen of technicalities involved in it. In the traditional wedding photography, a photographer just frames a subject and clicks the photograph instantly.  Traditional photographers click the person and surrounding photographs in a formal tone. It is very rare of them to adjust the light and background to take the pictures. The way a traditional wedding photographer approaches in quite formal and plain.

Candid – Majority of the candid wedding photographer clicks the photographs in an informal tone. A candid photographer is very conscious about the background and use of light in photographs. The candid photographers constantly figure out new angles to capture the images. They control the use of light to bring vivaciousness into the pictures.

These are major pointers which best describe how candid photographers differs from the traditional photographers. Although candid photography is high in trend, traditional photography is in the game as well. You need to figure out which one is apt and can render good results. If you are searching for either candid photographer or traditional one, you should visit Shaadidukaan platform, an online wedding market where you can find the best-rated photographers at a cost-effective price. Visit the platform and start searching for candid/traditional photographers for your wedding.