Basic Rules To Enhance Your Happiness

Basic Rules To Enhance Your Happiness

Happiness is what we desire.

If you are living a life with everything else to the fullest but not happiness then think again this life is not worth living.

Everyone wants to be happy and certain measures are to be taken to ensure your happiness yourself.

Following are a few ways to keep a check on your happiness-

BE OPTIMISTIC-The most essential rule to stay happy is to stay positive or optimistic. Half of our problems gets solved themselves with the optimism .Positive approach is really important in every field of life may it be professional or personal to lead a fruitful life.

SET A GOAL TO YOUR LIFE- Your life starts moving in the positive direction itself once you set a goal towards it. When you have a aim you strive for it, you put every little and big effort to achieve it. And researches say your heart and mind are healthy when they are working. So setting a goal is really essential to stay happy.

EAT YOURSELF TO HAPPINESS- Eating, directly or indirectly affects our body in several ways. There are evidences that some nutrition deficiencies like omega-3 fatty acids which is very necessary for good brain health, causes depression and negativity .So one should add them in your daily diet to boost your happiness. Also take vitamin B supplements which can add to give you happiness.

GO OUTSIDE- This works a lot. Meeting new people and exploring yourself really boosts your happiness. So whenever you are sad unfold your little bag, put your things in and just walk around the streets, meet your friends, hangout. The cool smooth breeze, the sunshine and seeing people around and many things happening influence your mood a lot.

BE COMPASSIONATE– Help others, Compassion is all about helping the other people , particularly the needy or the less fortunate or less privileged people. Helping them gives you satisfaction, increases your morale and boosts happiness.

WORK OUT REGULARLY-Happiness comes automatically when your mind and body are balanced and actually exercising and hitting gym regularly can boost your happiness. Exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and anandamide which increase your happiness.

BUY SOME HAPPINESS- Actually buying happiness means buy others things. Like shopping for your closest friend, your spouse, your boyfriend/girlfriend, mother father can greatly increase your happiness. It’s a wonderful feeling to get someone something.

TAKE OUT TIME FOR YOUR HOBBIES- Everyone in this 21st century is busy. We are shuffling here and there between our schedules and have no time for our hobbies, but this is a mistake, besides taking out time for family and friends. Spending quality time with hobbies is also very essential to stay happy.

SMILE OFTEN- Smile can make you as well as the other person happy too.  It can elevate the mood itself .Smile often as it reinforces happiness. It’s a feedback loop.

FORGIVE AND FORGET-The relationship issues and various others are very prominent among the students or the youth. Forgiveness is something which relaxes your cardiovascular tissues. Researches show that everyone should have an attitude to forgive and forget. Let go of things that hurt you or stress you. Forgiveness heals the heart. And hence you feel happy.